Social media controls the world


If you have a headline which is false, your article is false.

That’s like tactic number one of bullshit fake news.

Think progress is in the wrong here, and notorious right wing hack site Slate broke it down in detail.

There’s no reason for anyone to be defending thinkprogress on this one.


Never mind.
Mulling it over, the Slate piece is (mostly) correct.


David Simon ends his Twitter exile (in fucking style of course)


That is quite the thing. In fact I lack the words to express the totality of the verbal beating he delivered to Jack.

Two thumbs up


I think the idea that social networks act has “Truth Police” is stupid and dangerous. Instead of solving the actual problem adds another layer that will create even more problems.

Do I have to talk like a philosophy student to talk about why is stupid? People hate philosophy and people that use philosophy, so I am not going to fall in that trap.

What social networks need to do, is to stop filtering the frontpage based on the user bias. This is what is creating polarization, when people can and do filter different opinions, and only get confirmation bias.

Web sites like Facebook started doing this, and made the whole thing into a political sliding slope.
Another thing that would help, but is not possible at 100%, is to remove the mechanism that make it very easy to reforward shit. Have people download images and upload them again. Or write opinions again from scratch. If forwarding stuff is less easy, you lowered the power of chain letters.

I don’t see anyone talking about this, only about utopia solutions that will only make things worse.

The average person sometimes break the law but think “criminals” are a group of people that live in other part of the town and the law don’t apply to them. That truth is what is left when nobody lies. Shit is much more complicated than that, yo.


Well yes. This would go a long way toward it. Show us posts made by people we are following in the order they were made and give us full blocking control in responses and retweets and whatever. But that doesn’t sell ads apparently. That’s the precise problem. The same mechanisms that make it profitable to sell eyeballs to advertisers also make it profitable to publish agitprop. Noam Chomsky and Ed Herman predicted all of this in detail 30 years ago.


I can’t do much about this. Except humour, maybe.

So be it.

Evil Queen Checks Facebook

Snowwhite is the tale of a Queen gone crazy after checking her appeal against others too much on his iMagic Mirror. Instead of building towards different standards, she ate from his own heart, that was poisoned.


Just once, I’d like to see a Ben Garrison fever dream come true.


Sign me up for that one too!




I mean it’s not the first time he’s used that type of anti Semitic caricature for Zuck. He’s nothing of not consistent…ly racist.


Being able to admit an error is a big difference between Donald Trump and rational human beings.


So Garrison is bluntly endorsing stuff like Pepe now?

It amazes me that anyone still publishes his crap.


That’s a serious literary smackdown. Really enjoyed it.


While Ben has always been Team Pepe, that frog image in the cartoon is the logo for Gab (the alt-right twitter which bounces from host to host because - shocker - too much hate speech).

Also, I don’t think he gets ‘published’ in the traditional sense. More like his stuff gets passed around on Twitter/FB, occasionally showing up on places like Infowars and Brietbart or getting retweeted by Donnie Dumbshit. I think Garrison makes most of his money through commissioned cartoons.


Not social media per se, but I don’t want to start a new thread.


It’s amazing how fast Google went from “Don’t Be Evil” to “FUCK OFF, MONEY BITCHES”


That will always happen whenever a company goes public, IMO, it’s just a matter of time.

Shareholders don’t give a flying fuck about “don’t be evil”. They want their investment to produce quarterly results.


I don’t think it so much that company is public, but rather China is too big a market to ignore, I find it sad but understandable from a business prospective.

Google stock structure, much like Warren’t Buffett Berkshire Hathaway, is designed that founders, plus Eric Schmidt have stock with 10 times the voting power of the shares the rest of the world owns. Effectively, the founders control the company while only owning about 12%. This means they don’t really have pressure from stockholders.


Dude deleted his account instantly.

My major issue with Twitter these days is people like this. You spot an obvious fake, but there is no longer an easy way to flag them. Instead you have to know “who they are impersonating”. Like… no one? If I pretend to be my D&D character, I’m not impersonating anyone, but I’m also not who I say I am.

If Jeff Hodgins from Florida can’t speak English for some reason Twitter only thinks it’s an issue if there is an actual Jeff from Florida or something.