Social media controls the world


I kind of get the idea that people think other people will be less shitty if their names are revealed. I don’t agree with that statement. I think the number of people doing things anonymously, especially now, that they wouldn’t do in person isn’t as large as maybe you think. Those people out there being dirt bags online are also dirt bags at home, but the people at home excuse it or ignore it and then days later act like, oh my gosh I had no idea that the kid with twenty Nazis based magazines in his room might favor white supremacy online. Him being anonymous is a veil, barely a smoke screen, but it’s not out of nowhere.

I mean we have an issue on this very site… and at least one person literally knows who that other person is… no behavioral difference, at all.

I feel like we can be guaranteed that if you take the anonymous out of the internet, it’s not the the people targeting who will suffer but the people who are the targets. And don’t tell me it will be hidden… because I am not sure I have an account that hasn’t been stolen left.


Yeah, the entire thing does rely on these organizations having security that isn’t a joke, and we know that isn’t remotely the case.

I’m not firmly entrenched in either camp. I can see the pros and cons on both sides of it.


There in lies the rub. Any system that makes it easier to track nefarious users is also making it more precarious for those who would be targeted.

And like I said, it isn’t nessecarially behavior, it’s consequence. So many problems stem from the initial source of lack of consequence. Those Nazis who have been caught out and lost their jobs? More of that please.

However I am keenly aware of exactly the issues this raises. Which is why I can’t in good conscience advocate for such changes. It’s a problem equally technological as it is social.

And until police start taking doxing, swatting, online threats, and abuse more seriously I feel that any such system would cause more harm than good. Because the I’ll intended would be empowered, and the police would still shrug.

That cultural change needs to happen first. And with current attitudes towards police reform from the Right? Good luck.


We’re in agreement here. Maybe in the future it would be different but I feel like if police did change and people stopped coddling these individuals with their vile and violent behaviors… then we probably wouldn’t need the system either.


I think the tweet violated Twitter’s terms of service. And I think it was a dick thing to do in the first place. That said, I don’t know why the term ‘dox’ is being applied when 1) Yglesias is a public figure who makes a living advertising his opinions, and 2) he does so openly, not anonymously, and 3) his address is a matter of public record.


Every other Qt3’er:



Jeff Tweedy sums it up nicely.

People didn’t have immediate access to like-minded individuals back then, and you couldn’t find your tribe on the internet. That’s one of the best things about the internet, even though people have figured out how to exploit it before they’ve figured out how to make it into something utopian. The fact that people can sidestep so much loneliness by finding so many like-minded people at their fingertips would be heartwarming if it wasn’t so fucking devastatingly terrible for the world.


Turns out, some tribes are bad.


“We make our friends; we make our enemies, but God makes our next door neighbor. … We have to love our neighbor because he is there.”–G.K. Chesterton before the internet.


Meanwhile on Twitter, zero fucks are still given.



Yeah, I’m not regretting turning Twitter off.


Blockbuster article from the NYTIMES


Also, way to go, Chuck Schumer.



And now that the cat is out of the bag



That might suck. I like my echo, it plays me the news in the morning.


Do you also talk about creating murder victims?