Social media controls the world


I’m sure it came up a time or two during my divorce! ;)


Probably not, but giving the government a free wiretap they don’t even need a warrant for is… not a great idea.


While I share the general sentiment, it took a judge’s order for them to make use of it. What I’m actually curious about is just how much is still stored.


Yeah, and it’s not even a preliminary investigation, but an active prosecution. It would be weird if the government (or defence!) couldn’t seek evidence of this nature.



I’m sure this guy is telling everyone to give up their smart phones too… or probably not because he likes those and doesn’t use the other.


Par for the course. Facebook: “We don’t want to clean up the shit we’re responsible for creating.”


Having an independent body is a good idea, though. As long as they actually are independent and the rulings are binding, anyway. I’d much rather have that than the self-police strategy.


Leaving it in the hands of political parties is the dumbest option.



TFW you’re on the side of the Jihadi.


Lol, communist China was totally free! You were free to starve to death or be murdered by the tens of millions!


Sadly I can’t unsee this…😕


So, the lesson is that there are weird randos on twitter? There’s a guy at my work who believes that he was abducted by aliens. And I met an Uber driver the other day who thinks the government is erasing our memories with an aerosol spray. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Are we sure they aren’t? I mean, I don’t remember them ever trying to do so… which ipso-facto must lead inevitably to the conclusion that they are doing so… and quite successfully.


This explains the late 70s and 80s better than any other explanation I’ve received.


Meanwhile in right wing punditry

For every @JacynthiaWood who liked the tweet and joined Palin’s mockery (“she obviously failed #civics101″), there was a @JamesPMorrison and a @tyler_westrich — both of whom reminded Palin that on the campaign trail in 2008, she once inaccurately told a child that the vice president is “in charge of the United States Senate” and then years later spoke of an imaginary Department of Law at the White House.

A LaurieNunyaBznass, who recalled that Palin used the nonexistent word “refudiate” so often that the Oxford American Dictionary finally gave in and added it; a @lisaandwyatt, who remembered when Palin mangled the famous history of Paul Revere into a bizarre fable in which the Revolutionary War hero “warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells and making sure as he was riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free;” the comedian Dana Goldberg, whose reply earned more likes than Palin’s original tweet by pointing out she once claimed the Soviet Union collapsed because of 1950s-era space program debt; and @blumspew, who asked Palin, “Can you still see Russia from your house?” referring to a “Saturday Night Live” parody of her first national interview in 2008, when ABC News host Charlie Gibson asked about her foreign policy insights, and she replied: “You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska!”


Hey, look what Facebook dumped the evening before Thanksgiving!



We interrupt your usual posts about how Twitter and Facebook are evil for some news about another major social network: Tumblr.

TL;DR: Apple and Google have pulled the Tumblr app from their storefronts because of the ongoing porn bot and child porn epidemics on the service. Tumblr is responding by scrambling to remove NSFW content (which their ToS allows) from the service, legal or otherwise, and hitting plenty of unrelated accounts in the process. Note that Tumblr has had these issues for years, but the porn bot issue (I thankfully haven’t seen the child porn issue firsthand, and hope to never see it anywhere) has bubbled to the surface and is affecting most regular users because Tumblr’s owner, Verizon, refused to listen to their userbase begging them to police their service, instead opting to do things like implement incredibly tedious opt-out-only GDPR controls that don’t actually work, and didn’t do anything about the problems on their service until two much bigger companies forced them to by dropping their mobile app.