Social media controls the world


If tumblr removes legal adult content doesn’t that mostly take away reasons why people actually use them say over all the other services. You’d think they could help clean out bots and child porn without taking out everything adult.




Always a good reminder.


So Tumblr… killed itself. No other way to explain it.

Look at that explicit… uh… arm. Female arm. Explicit.
Sailor. Explicit. Such filth.
CDs. Porn.
Another female form. Banzored.

Or more humorously:


A dude playing Xbox with a cat on his chest? PORNOGRAPHY


Algorithms Gone Wild!


I mean Tumblr was basically down to artists and sex workers.
They decided they didn’t want artists or sex workers.


Facebook used to be cool, and now is used by tons of old people.

Maybe tumbler is trying to go the same route.


I think the parody video is more accurate.

Old people can barely work Facebook, they’ll never work tumblr. And if they did it would flag their pictures of the grandkids or a beach as explicit material anyway.


Tumblr will be worthless without the adult content.


I can barely work tumblr. Thanks to tumblr, I won’t have to anymore.

And yes, I was only there for the adult content.


Tumbler is obviously confusing Tess Fowler with Tessa Fowler, a much more interesting internet person.


These people seem nice.


I’ve never used Tumblr or accessed any content on it I think. What made it so different than just posting pictures to some website?


Not a lot. It was/is basically a micro-blogging platform with some basic social networking functionality. Blogger with a stripped down CMS and likes.




They weren’t jokes. In one, he threatened to basically beat his son if he decided the boy was gay.


You’re missing the big picture.


Yep. Once again:

Twitter is one of the worst things to happen to our social culture in decades. It’s gonna take years to unravel it.