Social media controls the world


Jesus Christ man it’s a picture of Chris Rock.


Yeah that is… Something else


Ah. I thought it was just showing a still from when Rock was performing at the Oscars. Stills that Twitter snatches from stories often are not the headline image.


Sure. But that picture doesn’t exist in that article.

Edit: And for the record fuck Kevin Hart. I haven’t given a shit about him since he bragged about cheating on his wife in one of his specials. He’s funny, but also… fuck that guy.

Also, they found Tweets from like 2009 and 2011? How that got overlooked is beyond me. Apparently the Oscars are just as incompetent as everyone else. Every company and organization should hire someone to look up people they’re going to be involved with. Pay me $100k a year ABC and you wont have another Roseanne.








But all my old tweets are funny.


Most of my tweets are yelling at ISPs.


A laudable goal.


Most of my tweets are about picking locks. Hmmm…


I was suspended from Twitter, with no way to know what suspended me. I had a habit of dropping c-bombs (its how we speak in the East End tbh) when arguing racists/ethno-nationalists/bigots/politicians/people who deserved and know the auto-suspend algorithm will kick in if people report tweets with c-bombs in it as i had two previous suspends that made me delete me dropping c-bombs on white racists (calling people who send you tweets about cleansing you from your country c**ts is a violation of Twitters terms of service, calling for ethnic cleansing isnt) but it could have been something via the enemies of muslim lgbt/apostate activist communities.

There’s no appeal, or acknowledgement from support other than stock replies and they’ve also locked my mobile phone number onto my suspended account and i cant be arsed to get another sim to bypass their new mobile number requirements, just to spend half the day arguing with racists, anti-Semites, tankies, trumpsters, homophobes, brexiters, ethno-nationalists, alt righters and the rest of the pondscum that dominate modern politics these days.

I returned after a 9 month break and tbh once ive broken the addiction urge I wont regret any of this but im still annoyed that basically Twitters reporting function is a tool of the far right and hard left to purge their enemies, especially uppity brown guys like me who won’t kowtow to them or their politics.


50% of my old tweets were literally me telling Trump and Sanders to kill themselves.

Periodically, some Trump supporter finds an old one and gets me temporarily banned for encouraging self harm.

Man, Twitter, if only it were so easy.


And here I can’t even get blocked by Gorka.



Gorka blocked me ages ago, and i don’t even remember why.

I may have made fun of the fact that he has a weak ass mustang that doesn’t even have the V8 in it.


It’s pretty easy to do by all accounts. I’m bad at trolling I guess.


They co-ordinate mass-reportings to kick in the algorithms. My colleagues on a far more high profile anti-racist account have their own case manager at Twitter because they were auto-suspended so many times due to abuse of the system.

I was hitting a reach of 500,000-1m on some of my finer tweets too, and all ones where i was calling out some really nasty racism/bigotry etc, i honestly believe i was doing the right thing and nothing on the suspended account to be ashamed of, I’m merely a bit angry, sweary and rude and crude, and my persona is based around this guy, basically an amalgation of all my m8s grandads and crotchety old middle aged me.

Warning: REALLY sweary.


Yep. Twitter doesn’t give a fuck. If you have a blue checkmark and they do it to you… they might if you make a stink about it. Maybe. Everyone else, they don’t care. Fascist money spends the same as the rest.


Oh, wait, i know what i did. I pointed out that his degree isn’t real and he’s not a recognized expert in any field.

That’s when he blocked me.


I can’t even remember the last time I was on Twitter. Maybe a few weeks ago. I review a few folks I follow, fun ones like Patrick Stewart and Wheaton, repost some fun things and, enter a few contests but mostly I got on to get money from Amex.


The best way to avoid having to delete your old tweets is to never having tweeted to begin with.

I would imagine that the percentage of tweeters who could be made to look evil to some group or another is pretty large.