Social media controls the world


I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts. But I haven’t gone on either for a few years. Facebook is there ‘just in case’. It mainly fills my spam folder with ignored messages. I don’t remember my Twitter password anymore.


My Twitter account is mostly neglected, but Facebook browsing takes up a portion of my day. After all, if I can’t get likes on this forum, why not also go somewhere where I can?


No Facebook, no twitter, heck, I still use a no internet flip phone. And the phone hardly ever leaves my truck cause I don’t want anyone calling me.

PS…my wife and kids make fun of me for the above.


I have a Facebook account that is useful for keeping track of my kids; I don’t believe I have ever typed anything into it in many years.

I have a Twitter account, but I have never tweeted anything. Strangely, I have several followers.




Twitter has managed to faciliate Nazi power back to levels not seen since 1945.


I’ve seen easily verified people get denied repeatedly. They’re like… actors. They can’t get blue checks, even as they stream on Twitch on camera.

But Neo-Nazis? No problem man, let’s hook ya up.


Meanwhile lawyers get kicked off Twitter for posting stuff from law offices listed in the phone book.


Yeah, but who’s going to do more harm; an idiot with guns or an evil, bloodsucking lawyer? (j/k, in case that wasn’t obvious)


It was fine when Lou Dobbs did it too, but when Rose did, banned.

I’m starting to think a shitload of alt-right types work at Twitter and I’m not convinced Jack isn’t one of them.



This goes more into addictive products as a rebuttal to “engagement.”



I’m at the stage where I’m using the phrase “yob tvoyu mat” to troll socks appearing in Reddit threads about Russian interference.




@#$% your @#$%^&


“One of the words means mother, you do the math.” -Robin Williams.


So this is a thing that the jester has been talking about.

What is

Counter.Social is the first Social Network Platform to take a zero-tolerance approach to hostile nations and bot accounts weaponizing OUR social media platforms and freedoms to engage in influence operations against us.

While CounterSocial is part of the wider Mastodon network, we are a modified, hardened node, unafraid to engage in cyber countermeasures. We also actively block nodes and access to our community from IP space originating in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and Syria, along with over 100,000 VPN and proxy services.


Be advised that is currently having some server issues, but is growing pretty quickly. It’s an interesting experiment.


Did I post this in here before? I can’t remember…