Social media controls the world


Sometimes though, social media gives us gems like this.


That… is awesome.


I am amazed.


I thought those two hated each other.


Well sure, it’s been demonstrated that that scene goes with any song.



"Instagram played a much bigger role in Russia’s manipulation of U.S. voters than the company has previously discussed, and will be a key Russian tool in the 2020 elections, according to a report commissioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee…

There were 187 million interactions with Instagram content, compared with 77 million on Facebook and 73 million on Twitter, according to a data set of posts between 2015 and 2018, analyzed by New Knowledge, Columbia University and Canfield Research."

(for some reason I can’t post to Russian thread, 502 error.)

This is the 99-page PDF, for more detail.


Well done, sir.


Social Media + Science = pretty cool


I love that video. The stink-bomb component was genius.


That is excellent, though paint would’ve been better.


Why are they bothering to blur their faces?


Haha, you can create a complimentary video with paint! It seems pretty complicated though. They had someone in there making an electrical comportment of some kind.

Yeah screw them. Those are thieves. Show the world.


Amazing how many times that package got stolen.


Personally I think the set-up is kind of neat, and I think the green ones are wearing Santa hats. Then again, I am fully aware that two maybe it’s three of our iconic holiday characters were designed by stores to sell their stuff. They were only Christmas theme because the stores said so, at the time.


Per the article, the two xmas-colored dragons were added after the neighbor complained. Not that I think the god-botherer has a leg to stand on, but aside from being gathered around some lights the original display doesn’t look too “seasonal” to me… though I personally would prefer a bunch of dragons over Santa’s Outhouse or most of the other “holiday inflatables”.



Good advice.


Read the paper? Hahahaha! Good one!


I told everyone to do this a year ago! Unfortunately my reach is people on this forum who don’t scroll past my posts, about 10 coworkers, and no one in my family because I had blocked them all.


I use Facebook to follow what my actual friends are up to. The only news I see on it is when one of them shares an article. I don’t even notice the ads.

It’s like there’s all these people who are using Facebook wrong, and angry about it, but can’t comprehend not using it that way, so they ragequit. WTF.


Well said. I also follow a couple of groups, so occasionally news shows up there, but I know the source. There’s nothing wrong with Facebook if you use it correctly. Quitting because other people don’t do so makes no sense to me.