Social media controls the world


… Other than it constantly lying to you by sharing your private info with other companies without telling you, even after the government ordered it to stop.


I also coordinate movies, get invited to paint and sips, post silly cat and Christmas videos, and receive them. The amount of politicing is low. Any news there i try to search for another source which is why there have been a few times that “articles” were pointed at as being completely made up.


@HumanTon is right. Did you folks miss the news that came out today? Facebook is a privacy garbage fire.


To be fair, the internet is a privacy (and security) garbage fire at this point.


Which isn’t a problem if you treated Facebook like it was that from the start, which I did. Everything I post on Facebook, even Private Messages, I assume will be accessed by someone I don’t want it to be. It’s one of the reasons I don’t link Facebook to anything too.

I don’t even have Messenger on my phone.


Sure. If you always gave Facebook and the like the side-eye while using it, then sure, you might be okay and unsurprised by the latest privacy violation. My point is that for many people, even those using Facebook cautiously - ie checking all the right boxes and opting out of various defaults - could still be repeatedly boned by Facebook because they apparently have very loose ideas of what’s not okay.


That’s how I look at it. I use Google services, they get the info I put into those. I use Facebook, they get the info I put in there. Hell, QT3 probably knows a lot about me. Quitting one thing isn’t gonna make a significant dent.


True but I think I had to go in there and redo my settings maybe a half-dozen times over the years, and every time I did that it always defaulted to something I didn’t want despite Facebook clearly knowing what I wanted prior to the change. No matter how many times their execs sang praise about privacy, their actions and everything they implemented told the real story.

The more damaging piece of this info isn’t Facebook, well for those paying attention, it’s the other companies that trying to get ahead of their PR problems by claiming they didn’t really read the messages they had access to.


Yes. This too. The whole thing is pretty terrible.

I love seeing the various companies falling all over themselves to assure customers that they totally did not take advantage of this treasure-trove of data that they routinely pay big bucks to have.


It’s pretty funny right, and it’s coming from companies like Amazon that scrape your info to sell you stuff and Microsoft that forces data collection in Windows 10. I don’t believe either of them, And a couple of them say 2015 like it was ages ago, contracts that ended 2015 and 2016… that’s just a few years ago. Who are they kidding?


Yep. Privacy and the Internet aren’t ever going to be compatible. That’s not to say a website can’t keep your specific info private, but expecting social media to do that is almost as laughable as the claims of the organizations in question.

So yeah, I use Facebook and expect everything I post to be public. It’s quite useful in that respect. But the day I go there for news is the day I find a nice spot on a brick wall to bash my head against.


I’m not surprised that Facebook still sells my data because, with Facebook, I am the product they sell. On the other hand, I’m very surprised that they continue to lie about it to their user base and to Congress with apparent impunity. Having had a close encounter with FTC colonoscopic equipment at least once in my career, I’m sure hoping they get their turn; and Mueller is showing that lying to Congress can have consequences too.


The majority of the population doesn’t really understand what Facebook actually does, as a profitable business, so I don’t see how they can really make informed decisions even when Facebook does spell it out for them.

Facebook doesn’t really have to lie, nor does it fully, I think, to Congress. Congress is so busy trying to play to the camera that they don’t spend enough time to formulate the right questions to ask. It was embarrassing to watch them question Zuckerberg in ways he could just dance around them.


Subscribing to the local paper was the first thing i did after trump was elected.


I subscribed to WaPo then. But I’ve since had it with their giving a platform to the likes of Megan McArdle, Hugh Hewitt, and Marc Theissen. Lazy writing of terrible takes based on premises that can often be disproved in under a minute with your search engine of choice.


The “both sides” and allowing those shills to write there bothers me, but I still subscribe. The need to “balance” their opinion section notwithstanding, they are one of the only outfits out there doing real journalism anymore.


I never used to watch anything on YouTube until we got a new TV. Found out there’s a ton of decent history/physics/astronomy documentaries on there that I enjoy watching. Before I found the setting for turning off auto play, I’d occasionally fall asleep and wake up to the craziest shit (aliens! giants! the history they’re hiding from us! etc ad nauseam.) Even now I really hate watching any kind of gaming videos because invariably the crazy right wing crap starts showing up in the ‘recommended’ list. It’s awful.


I’m super worried about this with my son. Right now he’s only using YouTube kids, cuz he’s 6, but he exclusively watches gaming videos. Guys like DanTdm, StampyCat, etc. As soon as I watch a gaming video on YouTube now, like for example I want to see how something works in Battlefield V which I started playing recently, I get inundated with neo-nazi bullshit by the algorithm.

Turns out almost every gaming personality on YouTube is an alt-right piece of shit. It’s really upsetting. Hearthstone videos are generally safe from this garbage, but literally any other game gets you into the nazi algorithm.

Youtube needs to aggressively ban these guys who practice hate speech, or any sort of dog whistling.


Teach your kid that Nazis are pieces of shit, before he gets exposed to them. Make him watch raiders of the lost ark.


They aren’t gonna ban PewPewDie.