Social media controls the world


I mean it does really depend on the game, doesn’t it. Kerbal Space Program doesn’t really have this issue, and one of the biggest personalities there does all kinds of real rocketry/ science videos.

Honestly I’m a bit out of the loop on this as I don’t have this issue (generally) with the gaming vids I watch. But then again I don’t AAA game at all. Far less of that nasty side in KSP, Mario/ Metroid/ classic speed run & sequence breaking, and even major Paradox streams.

Though, with the last, they are there if you wanted. It’s just that major streamers like TJ Hafer aren’t.

Though I have been getting a lot of political propaganda ads from Prager U lately. So… that’s a thing.

Edit @wisefool I wish PDP was banned from life. What a shitheel.


It’s a lot harder than that, unfortunately. Just look at the gamergate bullshit as an example. They rope you in with a single grievance then you’re in the algorithm and can’t get out.

Here’s an example. I went to college with someone who went on to marry a former Blizzard exec. A video popped up on my youtube sidebar, something like “Former blizzard exec trashes new pay structure.” and it was the guy my friend had married. He was in her Twitch stream ranting about Blizzard cutting bonuses while she sat next to him trying to get him to stop talking.

I watched that video because my old friend was in it. Now, the algorithm thinks I should watch more videos from this Youtuber. His next video is some discussion about the Captain Marvel trailer. Surprise surprise, he doesn’t like it because “femenissssmm!!!” but he phrases it in such a way like “Captain Marvel is clearly OP and that’s not an interesting character, I feel like Marvel is trying to cater to the crowd that was attracted to Wonder Woman or Black Panther…” coded anti-SJW bullshit. I realized this Youtuber was a piece of shit at that point, but I’m a 40 year old man with some worldly experience.

I’m a 10 or 12 year old kid watching this and I don’t get the dog whistling. Now the algorithm is showing me more extreme youtubers, guys that speak more plainly about their racist or misogynist agenda. In the scope of games of course. Wow it sure is funny Battlefield V is selling poorly, clearly it’s because they put women in it! I watch that video, now I’m getting videos from Jordan Peterson. If I click into those, now I’m seeing Infowars in the sidebar. And on and on it goes.

It’s horrible and I hate it, but Youtube is such an excellent platform with real quality content. But, they need to ban these alt right scumbags. Just 1 or 2 bans will do it, the rest of them will fall in line real quick because Youtube is their livelihood. That Google can remove their income in an instant will scare the fuck out of them and they’ll stick to straight commentary.


There’s a political battle in the speedrunning scene too. You can’t escape it. A lot of speedrunners are transgender, non-white, etc. Look at the GDQ events, they’re very diverse. You watch speedruns on youtube and the fucking algorithm will start showing you videos about anti-transgender shit.


I felt like the community almost unilaterally said “nah, fuck those guys” regarding the recent drama, made it clear they weren’t welcome and went on with their business.


Slightly more info on the “Xmas Dragons” display.

Apparently, this is the fourth year in a row she had put up the display, and the first where anyone at all had complained.

I did like the article-author’s take on the kerfluffle:

Perhaps it is the perfect holiday fable for 2018, a year wracked by bitter infighting and an increasingly intractable political divide. Social media companies are selling our data; the robots are coming for our jobs; and our elected representatives have begun to treat each other like family members wrestling over a will.

So in the absence of large victories, perhaps America is learning to enjoy the little ones. And amid this gloomy tableau, [Dragon-owner] Rowland is a hero for our times. Happiness in 2018 is being left alone and not accused of being an occult worshiper.


This neighborhood sounds awesome!

Plus, the neighborhood is littered with yards full of minions and Yodas and all sorts of strange Christmas decorations hardly different than dragons.

Yoda and Dragons!


Approve of this neighborhood, I do.


I <3 this forum


I’ve almost entirely given up on social media at this point. Got rid of Facebook and LinkedIN last year; really only use Tumblr for the art and the atmosphere, but that’s probably going to die soon.

The whole concept of social media has been flushed. YouTube, Instagram and Reddit are good examples of this new generation of social media. It’s basically just become another vehicle for advertising and making money, instead of places to connect with people. It’s no wonder there’s so much shitstorm around social media now, and why alt-right stays around so long on these platforms. If they make money who cares. But if it offends advertisers, then all bets are off.


Haven’t they always been about making money? Look at how large some of these companies are without costing the user anything. They have to be selling something. And nothing is free.


That’s true but when the content is exclusively advertisement, it’s not really a social space anymore. Instead, it encourages people to use social status to make money. I don’t really like what that implies for the future. To me there’s at least four models for making social media platforms work:

Sell User Data - but of course no one likes that

Advertisements - okay, but potentially unethical and can lead to content censorship

Charge Entry Fee - no one likes to pay for anything

Alternative Income - some other income supports the social features, such as selling products and services; it’s fine, but very niche and expensive

A fifth option that I’d like to see more of is crowd funded platforms. Using Patreon or something similar could put the power of the platform into the hands of the community who uses it, regardless of what it’s for. People have shown to be much more open to this kind of thing now. Of course the problem then is someone needs to do it just for the sake of it, which is hard to imagine in 2018.


The Left just wants to replace social media with socialist media. /jk



This Twitter thread and comments sums up the last 2 years of social media pretty succinctly.


Forget gray goo. It won’t be the nanites that spiral out of control and destroy us all, it will be generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness, as they are the perfect blank canvas for practically any stew or braise.


I feel like this is what we need right now.


Honestly, what you really need right now is generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness, they are the perfect canvas for practically any stew or braise!


The thing that gets me about this buttered noodles thing- how much noodles? He specifies the amount of parsley, and I can guess the amount of butter- use lots and any extra would run off, anyway. But how much noodles in relation to that parsley? It’s really been nagging at me.


You realize that’s just the description, not the actual recipe, yes?

It calls for one pound of egg noodles. There, go and be nagged at no more.


Heh, I didn’t realise there was an actual recipe. That’s a load off my mind.

This now reminds me of the ‘instructions for a toothpick’ from So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish. Unbelievable that such a thing needs to get printed, but such is the world we live in.