Social media controls the world


The solution to out of control illegal user-created content sites isnt censorship, its accounts linked to real life identities and monitoring.

Which is more expensive, and reduces volume of content, which reduces revenue, but you won’t be Paedo-Central any more.

I can implement any form of individual identification and verification processes and systems at an enterprise level, if any socmedia giants with deep wallets need it and want to sell it to the industry, i’ll quickly form a company and sell it to you for $1.2bn


What do you mean? This is what Facebook does, minus monitoring. You probably don’t see the pedo-crap on Facebook because it’s illegal, pretty much universally rejected and hated, but the flat earth, the holocaust stuff, and the anti-vax stuff… it’s all over the place on Facebook, with people’s real names right next to it.


And you can’t report them most of the time and if you do it’s fine according to Facebook.


New rules on Twitter for depictions of child sex.

Twitter does not tolerate any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation. This may include media, text, illustrated, or computer generated images.

Anime “artists” are crying.


Anime is a part of an entire culture in another country, there is nothing " " about it. It’s a real thing.


There’s anime artists and there’s “my waifu happens to look like an underage girl but is really a 1000-year-old-demon so it’s ok to sexualize her” anime “artists”.


Yeah. I know its a real thing. The quotes around “artists” refer to people that are, and should, be impacted by this change.

They can go find some other service to host their loli creations.


If you guys want to judge Japan’s culture without knowing anything about it, be my guest. No one can stop you.

There’s a difference between social media being a open platform for sexual exploitation and enforcing the oh my god, not sex American mentality…A good portion of our porn is illegal there.


But her breasts are ENORMOUS.


Facebook does Photo ID verification for all of its users now? Google seems to indicate its on request or for locked/suspicious activity/complaint accounts.

We dont know if there are paedo-rings on Facebook because you can make private groups. I would only assume there are because if the only thing socmedia has ever done is verify that humanity is still horribly broken and our civilised public face is actually a mask.


Facebook does have a system where they will make you prove who you are, not just for celebrities. It’s very easy to report that someone thinks an account is fake or isn’t using their real name and that reporting… they do respond to.

The point is, having a real name associated with some of this… doesn’t matter. They’re not afraid of being associated with stuff like this.


All im saying is youve got to start somewhere, and “illegal user-created content” is just that, illegal.

Verified real identity German users engaged in Holocaust Denial will be arrested under German law, especially as they cant pretend to be non-German. Flat Earthers and anti-vax im fine with criminalising too btw.


Sure, some people use their real names on Facebook, but there’s plenty of fakes as well. It’s trivially easy to set up fake accounts on any social media, including FB. With a modicum of effort you can make it very difficult to trace the fake back to a real person, too. I think what @playingwithknives was suggesting is to force everyone to authenticate, which is very different from the current system of “we want your real name, but if you make one up, we don’t care.”

And this is absolutely correct as well, because society has to care about the falsehood in order for accountability to matter. If no one cares that you’re lying, you can do it in public, no problem. Getting people to care, well, that’s another issue entirely.


Yup, tie socmedia to real IDs and real bank accounts and it will cut down on alot of the noise.


Its no longer global. To protect ourselves we’ll have to create two socmedia internets, one for countries/people who can afford identitifcation systems and personal bank accounts, and one for those that can’t.


Okay are there some fakes sure but do you want me to list out every article over the past few years where someone posted something horrific, under their real name, and was eventually fired? The idea that someone is going to not do something simply because their real name is associated doesn’t fully hold water. They’re posting this stuff, horrible, violent, racist, bat shit crazy stuff under their real names and we know this is not a huge deterrent because this stuff comes out and there is almost no sleuthing involved. They post it under real name, real data stuff. It takes less than an hour to find out where they’re employed when this happens, and they’re fired the next day… most the time they’re even shocked when they’re fired. They don’t see anything wrong with what they said in the first place.


Twitter Banned my Waifu is my new twitter account name.


I think we’re in violent agreement here. The authenticated-real-name thing would hold people accountable for doing bad things that society cares about. Sometimes we get lucky right now and people are dumb enough to use their real names, and they get held accountable when they run up against someone (maybe even the law) who does care. But not always, both because of lack of caring about the truth and because of people obfuscating who they are. Solving either problem would cut back on some of the falsehood noise, but not all…and you’d never get it down to zero, since people are people.


Heh, we could be.

I just don’t see Twitter and FB as like wholly different when it come to the crap spread on there. We just have more politics on Twitter because the politicians are using it.

I mean I know these people are real because I know these people. That’s their name. That’s their picture, and they spread garbage. They don’t see a problem with it, like at all. Twitter is different. Not as many people I know but… the same messages, almost exactly the same but in bit-sized bits and fewer pictures.

Bank accounts? Why bank accounts, and you know there is a sizable group in the USA that can’t get them right? They get paid by these rip-off paycheck cards loaded with fees.


Yes, no socmedia for those below the poverty line. If they are too poor too be able to complain about the government then government will have another reason to love supersafe corporate real ID media.

Of course the counter to real ID media will be anonymous socmedia, which i favour. If the troll doesnt know if someone is brown or Jewish or Muslim or woman or LGBT or fat or ugly then they cant get abuse for it and we can all go back to the internet how it used to be.


Even back in the day, you knew stuff about people because they told you. You can’t police people away from revealing information about themselves. It’s natural to want to connect on a human / real level with even people you don’t know; it’s even natural.