Social media controls the world


It’s a scary episode, and it points out something which is in some ways so obvious it never gets said. A huge percentage of what people post about themselves on social media is literally just role-playing. People are creating some image they imagine about themselves, that often has little to nothing in common with their real life.

In this case it’s mostly meek teenagers acting hard and creating online gangs with pistols, weed, and wads of cash, and the disrespect which was created online between two made-up crews, made someone angry who had a real gun and decided to shoot the online tough-guy when they met the real life guy. The online image only has to be real for an instant to one person, and someone’s really dead. And that death then feeds the same online post-fact gang war.

If you woke up in the morning and say, “I’m going down to 42nd street and commit a mortal sin!” Save your cab fare; you did it, man! – George Carlin


How to get regulated 101.


So Devin Nunes is suing Twitter over false content and users. That kinda swings both ways don’t it. :)


Following just a handful of these accounts can quickly send users spiraling down a path toward even more extremist views and conspiracies, guided by Instagram’s own recommendation algorithm. On March 17, I clicked Follow on @the_typical_liberal. My account lit up with follow requests from pages with handles alluding to QAnon, and the app immediately prompted me to follow far-right figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Candace Owens, as well as a slew of far-right meme pages such as @unclesamsmisguidedchildren and Following these pages resulted in suggestions for pages dedicated to promoting QAnon, chemtrails, Pizzagate, and anti-vaccination rhetoric.



Burn Facebook to the ground.


Loyalty to an influencer definitely justifies a riot.


I thought for sure that was an article from The Onion.


YouiTube gangs. Just what we needed.


The dumbest timeline.


Next stop, the USA.


We are so hardwired for tribalism. We even form identities around which freaking youtubers we prefer, then resort to violence against out-groups.


Read Homo Sapiens.

Yes we are tribalistic. Very much so.


UK publishes white paper on regulating online platforms.


Interesting read on how to regulate platforms in the wake of the UK proposals, the copyright directive and Australia’s response to Christchurch. I have to say, while there’s some merit to his taxonomy, I think the ship has already sailed in most of the world. Content-based regulation of ISPs is in place in many jurisdictions and as far as I can see is here to stay, and probably become even more intrusive as in Austrlia.


Is Jack the prime example of failing upwards or just of how luck matters more than anything else in this world?




The life of this woman is about, or probably already is… getting very hard.

the mom who hosted demanded that all the young party guests give the stuffed animals they made to her daughter