Socialism works!

Greece’s opposition conservatives scored a convincing win in general elections, ending more than 10 years of Socialist Party rule as Greeks voted for change amid widespread discontent over low incomes, poor public services and corruption scandals. “It is a new start for all Greeks,” said Costas Karamanlis, leader of the conservative New Democracy party, said in his first televised speech as prime minister-elect. With half of the vote counted, New Democracy had won 46.7 percent compared with 40.44 percent for the Pan-Hellenic Socialist Party (PASOK) which has ruled Greece since 1993.

mmm, low income, poor public services, corruption scandals. Socialism at work! Can’t wait to see it work in the U.S.! Keep voting Democrat!

Oh great, a party both with “New” and “Democracy” in their name.

And I’m guessing it will be much like when the right won the Swedish election in 91 (with the help of the populist New Democracy, coincidentially), when in a brilliant move they cut taxes and spent more, just as a recession started. Not surprisingly, they were voted out three years later.

What amazes me about people like Bob is they don’t realize that the neo-cons who’ve co-opted the right have their political roots as disenfranchised liberals.

Oh, I see! USA = Greece. Typical Cherubic logic.

MS, he might be right: after all, isn’t “low income, poor public services, corruption scandals” sounding a little familiar these days? We’re going commie under the Bush Administration!



Another Tom the Dancing Bug fan! Ruben Bolling is a genius.