Sipping on a Coke right now, nectar of the gods.

Other (tap water).

Saying grits are awful is like saying the soup du jour is awful. They are a blank canvas, waiting to be writ in fat and salt.


tap water poured into britta poured into a water bottle. my sigg bottle is actually among my favorite possessions.

Pepsi Max

Diet Coke if I am actually having soda.

Which makes me sound like a hoity-toity water/tea/coffee/whatever drinker.

Which I’m not.

Frankly, I don’t enjoy water at all, and I only enjoy tea (green or red) when it’s heavily flavored (white cranberry-apple, vanilla-spice, etc.). Coffee has the amazing property of smelling exactly like human shit to my Nasal Recepiticators (science!), so I really can’t enjoy it, though I recognize that it doesn’t smell like shit to anyone else.

On the other hand, water is free. Diet Coke is not free.


I drink a LOT of water.

At restaurants, I used to order Sprite exclusively, because on-tap Diet Coke tastes very different from bottled/canned DC, but after finding out that I’m pre-diabetic, I’ve sucked it up and started drinking weird-DC instead. Better than washing honey-mustard soaked steak down with water.

New years resolution was ‘no more soda’. Every now and then its tempting, but not as tempting as buying one of these t-shirts


If I had to drink one pop exclusively for the rest of my life, it’d be diet A&W. I drink that stuff as if it were water.

Same, but I chose Other.

Coke Zero <<< Diet Coke (bottle) < Diet Coke (fountain convenience store) < Diet Coke (can) < Diet Coke (good restaurant)


I’m a Dr Pepper guy, and I prefer the Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper if I can get it.

A few observations:

  1. When I posted the poll - I wasn’t thinking about the Max, Zero, Super or Ultra flavors. Hey - I’ll be 40 in a few months - I’m not up on all this newfangled stuff.

  2. I remember a few brands that have faded into obscurity over the years - Mr. Pibb, Mello Yellow, RC Cola, as well as a few variants of more mainstream brands that didn’t cut it - Crystal Pepsi and 7 Up Gold. None are particularly missed (by me).

  3. Also, it seems like 20+ years ago it was more common to get served the cheapie local brand. Around here, that’s Vess soda. I suspect the inflation adjusted price of regular canned soda is cheaper now, or it’s just less socially acceptable to serve the cheap stuff at a social event.

  4. Is it just me, or is fountain soda much more consistent in recent years? 10+ years ago, it seemed that getting a fountain soda was a dicey proposition - it was often undercarbonated, over-syrupy, or wrong in some other way. I won’t say fountain sodas are always spot on these days, but quality control seems a lot better. Perhaps the machines work better or the soda vendors provide better training/monitoring.

  5. There was a time when Pepsi and Diet Pepsi were close rivals with Coke/Diet Coke. It seems like the Coke products have been pulling away in recent years (market-share wise). Maybe someone can point to some data somewhere…


Edit: Here’s some market data.

Leaving out Coke Zero was a serious mistake. And it’s hardly “newfangled” having been out for two or three years at least. Plus I’m almost the same age as you and I’m aware of it, so that’s no excuse.

Old man.


Save the $1.50, get tap water.

Coke > Coke Zero > Pepsi > Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke on taste.

Side-tangent: I was told I was pre-diabetic last year and had already stopped drinking Coke and the like. This was good. I had switched to bottled iced tea which probably had as much if not more sugar. That was bad. I’ve had nothing but plain water and tea since June 2008 and I actually learned to like the taste of water.

I don’t really miss the very sweet taste of pop anymore, but ask me again during a scorching hot day in August…

You’re on crack.

Diet Coke > Coke > Coke Zero > Pepsi > EVERYTHING ELSE > Diet Pepsi

So, a desert island soda, eh?

Make mine Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew.

Dr. Pepper since that’s what I get 95% of the time.

But I dream of the day that I find a vending machine stocked with Green River.