SOE strikes again!

Well, we decided to go back to EQ2 and since we like Planetside and wanted to check out the JTL exansion for SWGalaxies we picked up the all access pass. Currently we’re playing SWG on the free month.

So, last night they put up a patch that screwed XP in a massive way. Basically you used to get equal shares of whatever the target was worth for each member in the party. Now, it’s divided amongst the members, so effectively giving 1/8th of the normal XP. Wooooo people are pissed, especially those trying to grind for their Jedi skills. Estimates are that Jedi just went from 2-3 months to get to about 1.5 years if you keep at the same rates.

Just when the game seemed to be making a big comeback with the combat revamp and such, they shoot it in the head. Now, what amazes me isn’t so much that they did it, but that they’re in complete denial that they did it. Apparently the current patch was only tested like 12-16 hours on the test server, so it was a real rush stealth thing. There’s big threads in their forums begging to know if it’s a bug or intended or what - and the SOE folks have been totally silent, and THAT pissed me off even as someone with a low investment in the game.

It makes me really worry about what’s going to happen in EQ2, because they’re pushing a giant complete-revamp of their whole combat/magic system at the end of the month there. Wow. According to my buddy who’s in the Sands of Fire beta they’re nowhere near ready to go live with that thing - which ships the 16th. He’s saying maybe half the content just isn’t working yet.

Moral of the story - I never should have left Warcraft.

What else is new. Seriously.

Publish 22 Experience Changes

Experience is now divided among group members, rather than every group member receiving full credit for the kill.

A larger group experience bonus was implemented, to ensure that grouping is still optimal: although experience earned per kill is less, a group of players is still able to earn experience over time at a much faster rate than a solo player.

For example:

* If you solo a creature then you get 6000 experience.
* If I solo a creature then I get 6000 experience.
* If we group and kill two creatures together, then we get 3000 experience per creature each (6000xp total), plus an additional bonus amount of experience because we are grouped (and two of us together can kill those two creatures more quickly than we could have solo'd one each). 

The display of experience was altered in order to minimize the notification of individual experience grants, and emphasize the notification of group experience bonus percentages. Since individual experience grants on a per-kill basis decline as group size increases, but the group bonus percentage increases as your group-size increases, we want to place the emphasis on the increasing bonus for grouping rather than on the decreasing individual experience awards.

We hope that this clears up any confusion with the experience changes.

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I echo the oh so very surprised theory. So very SOE it’s not even funny.

“Sure, we’ve done it this way the entire life of the game, but now we’re changing it…sucks to you be you, paying customer.”

In their defense, a system that pays equal XP for a goup-kill vs a solo kill is always going to be really unbalancing and not work. It’s fine to give a group bonus, but every game (at least everyone that I’ve ever played) that’s tried to encourage grouping by giving everyone full credit for each kill has always been patched later to make it divided-with-bonus.

Not in their defense, they must be pretty stupid to have not realized that when designing the game initially.

No shit its not like they have never made a fucking MMO before…

Yeah, I’m of the opinion that at some point you have to say, dammit, we did that and now it’s too late a year and half later.

EQOA has it, although that’s not really proof of any kind.

There was a big comeback in SWG? Seemed like a ghost town last I was there.

Didn’t they do the same thing at the launch of planetside?


This stands in contrast to the EQ2 team. So far they’ve been very open and helpful while strongly encouraging dialogue between players and the core team.

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Why wasn’t it in the game in the first place ? It’s the same for almost every RPG or MMORPG, right ?

Really the only thing I can think of is that they left it in so people would level faster and now that they are adding levels they want to slow the game down a bit.

From Raph Koster’s Online World Design .

Players have higher expectations of the virtual world
The expectations are higher than of similar actions in the real world. For example: players will expect all labor to result in profit; they will expect life to be fair; they will expect to be protected from aggression before the fact, and not just to seek redress after the fact; they will expect problems to be resolved quickly; they will expect that their integrity will be assumed to be beyond reproach; in other words, they will expect too much, and you will not be able to supply it all. The trick is to manage the expectations.

Expecting your game to be fun and not frustrating, especially if we are paying $15 a month to play it on top of the $50 retail box, is not “expecting too much.”

boop Unable to process this statement, it must be factually inaccurate! beep[/quote]

Just relating my experience. I played through the last several months of beta up until two months ago into retail. Unless something has radically changed for the worse in EQ2 in those 2 months due to developer incompetence then I stand by my statement.

This would make a great sig.

Sometimes I think that the $15 a month just goes up their noses.