Software that turns portraits into cartoons

Does anyone know of software the turns a photograph into a cartoon avatar. It doesn’t have to be an excellent likeness, but just something that can do the job efficiently and preferably for free?

I see a few tutorials for photoshop but that’s not what I’m looking for. I just want something that will quickly and easily convert an existing photograph.

IntoCartoon? I suspect it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself by stringing a few filters together in a Photoshop action, though.

This is the Photoshop tutorial I used to do this.
The results look great and you can easily create a macro to do it automatically.

I had asked someone on my team to consider changing realistic pictures of customer personas to cartoon images based on what I read about cartoon images in Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics. My colleague forwarded the request to the artist. The artist asked if I knew of a program that could do it. I was like, “Hummm,” and posted here. I showed her a similar tutorial I found yesterday and then she said it would be easy, which is what I expected her to say in the first place. It does look pretty easy, especially that last tutorial jellyfish just posted. I may create a cartoon picture of myself for FB.