Software/website to track workouts?

I started lifting weights a couple of months ago, and my little $.99 notebook that I keep track of things in is about to wear out. I was about to build some big elaborate spreadsheet to record all the information before I have to get a new one, when I realized there’s probably already something out there for this purpose.

I record the date of the workout, the exercises done, and the weights used in each set. I need to be able to easily see what I did in the previous workout, and I’d also really like to, for example, filter by a specific exercise so I can see how the weight has changed over time.

Anyone know something like this?

it also tracks what you have been eating

best site I have found to date (I have no affiliation)

That seems focused on diet and the weight of the person. I want to track the weights of the big hunks of metal I am throwing around. Thanks, though.

I used to work for FitLinxx, in fact, most of the website is still my code. Creating an account will allow you to track workouts.

The big deal is if you belong to a FitLinxx-enabled facility, like most of the YMCAs in the country. You log into the kiosk when you show up at the location, and do your circuit. It records your weight training, resistance, cardio, etc., and eventually uploads it all to the website. When you’ve got some data in there, you can compare yourself to various demographics, and see how you’re doing.

email the guy and ask him to implement more workout stuff… he seems to be pretty user-input-friendly based.

That’s awesome, but my gym doesn’t have it :( Can I just enter information into the site manually? And is it free?

Yes, and yes. And you can talk to the owner of your gym and see if he wants to talk to the sale dept. at FitLinxx. The network installation is pricey, but the ROI is particularly high, considering one physical trainer can track thousands of clients, rather than 20.

I used to have a little pocket-type notebook, and I’m much happier tracking my workouts now that I switched to one of those stitch binding, speckled composition books. The trick (and I stole this from Rippetoe/Kilgore; you can see more about them in this thread) is to enter each day as a column, so that each page shows about a week of workouts. Then it’s easy to see what you just did and where the trends are taking you.

Sure, it’s not fancy, but you still look like a geek carrying around the big notebook. :)



Edit: QUEST FAILED. Maybe they changed it since you worked there, but I need a valid kiosk PIN in order to sign up.


I asked the same question a year ago here, and didn’t get a very useful answer, so I put together a mostly-functional excel workbook to track daily workouts and do some basic statistics.

If you have any questions about how it works, feel free to ask me, and if you improve it, please let me know, it could use improvement for sure!

Hmmmm! I think I will recreate this in Google Docs, since the import screwed up. This is great; I more needed help with the layout of the thing than anything, and this is perfect.

That’s weird, the macro is pretty straightforward, and it builds a pretty nifty data pool. What screwed up, was it a security issue? I’m happy to help you with technical glitches.