Solar Opposites (HULU) - Justin Roiland’s less-good Rick & Morty

Nobody else watching? I’m three of eight episodes in and it’s basically Rick & Morty but not as good.

I do find the sub-plot of the mini humans super interesting, though.

Saw this pop up on Hulu and figured I’d take a look at it at some point, but the fact that I hadn’t heard a word about it didn’t bode well. Honestly, compared to what I was half expecting “Rick & Morty but not as good” is positively encouraging. Seriously, was there any press for this in advance?

@Oscuros told me there was one episode he loved (second to last, i think) and the rest was ok.

It’s not incredible (so far) but I’m enjoying it. It’s a nice compliment to the more convoluted, meta direction R&M has taken lately.

I finished the first season. I really liked the episode that finally took a deep dive into The Wall. But other than that, the show was just okay most of the time. Still, I liked the time travel episode they ended on, so I have hope that in a second season, it will be more episodes like that.

Season 2 is coming on March 26th. My Hulu subscription was going to expire on March 9th or so. I was thinking of going to Netflix or Prime next month, but a Season 2 of Solar Opposites is enough incentive for me to stay with Hulu another month, I think.

This Friday!

I’m excited.

Two eps into the second season and like last year it’s stories in The Wall that interest me the most.

Finished this up and it’s a big improvement over the first season, IMO. They really went for it with some of the meta stories and there are several episodes that are every bit as good as the best Rick & Morty.

But I’d totally watch a spin-off of just Stories from the Wall.

I finished Season 2, and I agree it was a definite improvement over Season 2. They’re getting a much better feel for the kind of humor that works well with these characters. And this season’s Wall-exclusive episode was really excellent, just like last season. I loved their use of music for the episode that felt like a feature film. It was sort of a remixed Terminator theme. The use of Alien vs Predator: Requiem as a Fox property they had access to was brilliant.

“The Solar Opposites are going to Prison!” LOL.

I watched both seasons over a couple of days and I enjoyed it. I would share the view that the mini-people storyline is my favourite part of the show. It’s a bit disconcerting for me that Korvo has Rick’s voice, but as I watched more episodes it became less than an issue and Korvo would be my favourite non-mini character. I also like that Korvo’s voiceover in the opening changes for each episode.

The kid clones don’t do much for me and less screen time for them the more I enjoy the episode.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to season 3.

Hey cool, there’s more Solar Opposites on Hulu since Season 2. It’s a christmas special episode! It even has it’s own special christmas version of the intro and everything.

Season 3 in two days!

Season premiere was excellent. Gladwell was gold.

I’ve watched 5 episodes now, and I have to say this season is much better than the previous 2 so far. I would still not put it as high as Rick & Morty’s best seasons or as good as Lower Decks, but if it keeps improving it might get there.

Apparently I’ve seen half of the episodes of the season now.

Finished the season. The aliens are a lot different this season. There’s more Wall storylines throughout the season instead of just one episode, and there’s Silvercops now, which I already love.

So yeah, excellent season.

I’m on episode four of the new season, and at this point I definitely prefer it over Rick & Morty.

Have you seen the Hululand episode yet? So good.

That’s the one I just finished.

I didn’t even realize this show had a third season yet. In Season 2 right now, and man does it get dark, sheesh!

Funny as hell sometimes, though.