Solaris: Browser-based, free, space, abstract, slow 4X (turn based game starting soon)

Sorry do not know the answer to that. Ask on their Discord if you want, or just wait a little while to see. :-)

I am really enjoying my dark game! Galaxy size is 20 systems per player, and I have 29, so I think I am doing OK. I am the yellow patch in the middle. I can only see as far as my sensor radius from stars I control.

In the north its war versus pink. We talked for a little while, but he was offline for a few days and seemed weak so I pressed the attack. He is back now and defending but I think I have it.

Its defense and politics in the southwest. Aqua green FTAGHN is active and threatening my long arm of colonies. I am in negotiations, and also moving ships there rapidly (via a Smuggler) to prepare for defense.

Its a mystery in the southeast. Purple does not speak. He slowly builds up. If he and green are allied then I am in trouble.

(The smaller lime green is inactive.)

Its been fun.

A zoom in on the tactics in the north. I am pressing hard into their territory. I sent two carriers to attack while I was offline, they will not win those fights. He has a large concentration in the south. I am NOT showing the big reinforcement I have arriving soon. The yellow line is my consolidation of my forces in those systems, and they will attack again once all in a single carrier. I may add a military specialist to that carrier for extra attack (with a shorter radius, which is OK because those systems are close).

So, with the simultaneously arriving fleets to a star that already had a garrison, the defender bonus applied to both the garrison and the fleet. Both were included in the combat report, and the economic development point was not lost. :)

I am curious about a turn-based game. I started a 5-player one, dark, 10 systems per, cheap carrier upkeep, everything else default. Password: qt3

Jump in if you want to see how it works. I know some people feel pressure because they cannot check a few times per day, so I want to see if this fixes that.

That is NOT the bigger normal speed game I will start in aprox 24 hours.

Funnily enough I’d feel more pressured to play a turn based game, because I’d hate knowing I was holding everyone up if I couldn’t get to my PC. With tick-based I only have myself to blame if I fall behind.

I should warn/remind you all: I have won 100% of my games so far! Clearly I am a grand master of Solaris.

I joined the game, and it is my first dark game. Is it normal not to be able to see any stars within scanning range? Do I need to immediately research Scanning before I can start to expand?

I guess I could set up some orbital arrays. Nope, they found nothing either. That was a waste of three tokens.

I joined up, and I’m seeing exactly 1 other star besides my starting 3.

One is better than none. I’ll need to research Scanning and Hyperdrive before expanding. That doesn’t foretell a bright future.

Actually, I guess I can hire a specialist to expand, rather than needing to research Hyperdrive. We’ll see what shows up after a few turns.

Weird, 3 stars showed up after I ended my turn. I guess the orbital arrays needed time to kick in.

@Janster remember to click the green check on the top right corner. No pressure, just pointing out something that took me a while to figure out myself. :-)

Turned based looks like it auto advances every 24 hours, so the game continues if you don’t submit your turn. And it has the same afk and AI timers.

Saw the turn marker now, didnt know the game had turn based stuff too

I’m up for the big game when it starts.

Current experience level - started a game, tick 1 is about to, well, tick.

In the “dark” turn-based game you can still see the other players and their progress. I think “totally dark” is where you dont see a player list, and only see the stats based on the planets they hold within your scan radius. I prefer the later, but will still keep this test game going since its primarily to see how turn-based works.

That is the zenith of the bigger dark game I am playing. Galaxy was 20 stars each, I am peaking about 31. I continue to expand in the north against an inactive player (who was active for a while, but probably felt like they were losing so they stopped bothering). I am being picked apart by aqua green in the south - they are more active than I am, making good decisions faster than I can.

An inactive player also turned the tide in an early newbie game I played with Belouski and a few others. He played well, got the jump on a player who was less active, and deserves the win.

The “be active to win” issue is what I want to test in the turn-based game. I really like the slow, incremental “real time” mode, but if you tune out for 12-24 hours its hard to recover. I am hoping turn based with a 24 hour auto-advance reduces this issue.

Link to that game: Solaris

I enjoyed my last game well enough but I was really only able to log in once every 24 hours which I didn’t feel was optimal. You don’t need to be constantly checking but it can be helpful if you can see that you’re about to be attacked and can reinforce the system in time. If you play a game that is completely dark, will you not see them coming if you’re scanning isn’t high enough? Or will you always have that info?

In a dark game you will see the same ships and neighbor details as a normal game. Both are based on scan radius. In a normal game will not see a ship approach unless it’s in your scan range. The difference is you will see total planets and planet status (no details) in a normal game.

Proposal for the big game - Quasar Taurus 3 Alpha

I will start the game in aprox 12 hours. These settings would change from default, everything else is default.

Players = 16 Players
Player Type = All Players
Galaxy Type = Irregular
Stars per Player = 20 Stars (Medium) [is default, wanted to emphasize this]
Carrier Upkeep Cost = Cheap
Random Gates = Rare Gates
Dark Galaxy = Extra
Level 3 Scanning [advice from dev]
Level 2 Hyperspace [advice from dev]

That is somewhat similar to this old game, which looks amazing:

Please share feedback about those settings.

I want to fill as many seats as possible with registered QT3 people. PM me and say you are interested, once we confirm settings and I start the game, then I will PM you back the password. If that fills, we start! If that stalls, I will let other communities know, and we will fill the last seats.

The friendly dev is watching this game and will handsome reward the winner. :-)

These settings seem good to me. Put me in coach!

Based on my first day’s play, I’d say the tick time is what drives the need, or gives advantages to, players who are able to log in many times a day. Although it’s true that the default production cycle is 20 ticks/10 hours - which sounds relaxingly slow - response times to enemy attacks have to be much faster as travel time between bordering stars is around 4 hours even at the lowest tech level.

So I’d think that if you need a game that you can log into only once or twice a day, you probably need to increase the tick time by quite a lot.

LoL… I just stole a win from someone. I replaced an AFK player in a game where the large nation had a commanding lead- I wanted to see if I could at least mount a credible comeback. Then both the remaining players went AFK, so the game gave me victory. :) But it doesn’t reflect on my stats because it was a new player game (didn’t realize that when I joined).