Solasta: Crown of the Magister (Turn-Based Fifth Ed.)

Awesome - I’ll be celeberating both you and the game releasing with gamepad controls that day then :-)

So I am just getting started with this, and the camera is putting a damper on my enthusiasm. Move the party, move the camera. Move the party, move the camera. Why?

So I looked this up online and saw an old official post about camera options: Spring, Follow, and Free. But when I look in my game under Option=>Game=>Camera, I see nothing of the sort.

I know I am very late to the party on this one, but can anyone point me in the right direction to get the camera to simply follow my party as I poke around in an area?

Are you using the mouse to edge scroll the camera? Use WASD (Q an E to rotate) instead, vastly better imo than edge scrolling. It’s how I play all of these isometric RPG’s. From Pathfinder to Pillars of Eternity.

In November there will be controller support, so you can pan the camera around with the stick, or presumably when you move the party around the camera will follow you then while you “steer” them, is how most of these games implement controller support.

I have tried mouse controls and WASD, and although this works, it strikes me as tedious. It’s kind of analogous to menus where common actions require many clicks. Move the party, then move the camera. Why would they do that?

But from your answer, I gather that that is the way it is, there isn’t a workaround.

Not really, though, I’m not 100% following you, as this is kind of how all of these games play and it’s never felt like an issue for me personally, so I may be the wrong person to give advice.

I use the move to move the group and the WASD keys to move the camera (and to hit the button to highlight doors/crates and such). Same as PF, its 2nd nature to me. However I had a friend (who had never played before) join MP and he complained a bit. You are right a smart camera follow could be useful.

We’ve got a new DLC drop today, $8 looks like, with the DLC providing some goodies and the game getting a big, juicy, free update with more features as well.

For me, the biggest thing is proper controller support - this will be one of the best reasons I have a Steam Deck now I can play with controller support instead of fighting with the mouse/trackpad. Very excited, though I’ll be giving this time for some patches just by the nature of how many open games I’m already playing!

17 new Feats (free) is outstanding. The selection of Feats is fine but not amazing, with only one or two must-have feats imo. And some of the new ones (automatically identifying items as you pick them up! +1 DEX and +2 Movement! Bonus AC when scoring a hit with a light weapon! And more!) sound fantastic and worth agonizing over what to pick now.

3 new Backgrounds is great as well, but there is no quest associated with them so a bit of a bummer, but that campaign is pretty unlikely to get a replay from me at this point, I’m much more likely to dive into the new official campaign I’ve only done once (and got a bad ending on) or community content anyway.

General Improvements (free) sound great as well, Some nice QoL features like toggles to keep reaction pop-ups down a bit for Sorcerers, Fast Loot option, some balance tweaks here and there. All good. Bug fixes as well, always a welcome thing indeed. Jeez, scrolling down, a LOT of bug fixes.

The $8 gets you a Dragonborn race you can select now, and three classes (Monk, Warlock, and Bard) each with four sub-classes. Trailer!

EDIT: These patch notes are fire, worth a read.

Sounds pretty meaty, especially at $8.

I should be the target audience for this game but I couldn’t get into it no matter what and the biggest thing was the duration of the battles. Spending 5-10 minutes on each of the generic “spider/goblin/monster” ambush killed the fun for me.

My regular gaming group plays it as a “D&D night, light” and it’s perfect for that.

I don’t really have much interest in playing the game solo.

I just put this on my wishlist and now Steam is forcing me to backup that decision or quit like a coward. Kind of a terrible time for a new game. I have a week, how about letting us know how the gamepad controls are?

I wouldn’t mind this so much but having to play with the elevations consistently got tiresome, and I want desperately to love the game!

It’s like a neat feature that they just can’t stop playing with so there is lots of climbing and falling and depending on ranged attacks too often. I don’t mind some altitude (like Divinity Original Sin 2), but it just goes on and on.

Super Meaty. I can’t wait until there are some real good adventures to play that open up the game. I needs me some scenarios.

I feel like the terrible models and cutscenes in this game gave me a form of PTSD.

The gamepad controls are fine. Not great, but fine. Mostly it works as you expect, but the one thing I would have wished they done differently, was the movement. Instead of direct control, like in Action rpgs where you just push in the direction you move, and the character/party move, you move the cursor instead, and have to click to get the party to move. Basically, the same way a mouse movement occurs.
It works, and you get used to it, but its really a weird decision to me.

Other than that - This is a great game. Its probably the finest example of D&D taken to computer form that exists right now. The systems work really really well, and the UI is rather well put together as well for something that was meant to be a pen and paper game.

While I do of course understand people have gripes, this is good as it gets, currently, if you want to play D&D on a computer right now.

I played this shortly after it first came out. It was an OK adventure, but I never had the urge to go back and play it again. I heard they added a lot more content to the game. Is this true and if so, is it any good?

The user generated content is very, very good. It’s where I think the game has its legs.

shrug I enjoy both campaigns a lot.

It sounds like they went with the easier method. What you are describing would be some sort of hybrid free-form movement allowing you to walk around anywhere within your range of movement and then click a button to end the movement phase when you are positioned where you want to be (the alternative is to steer your character and lose a movement square each time you step on a new tile, removing the ability to walk back a step if you fuck up). The game wasn’t anything like that previously and I imagine that would require a massive rework of the game’s code and engine, so it’s not really weird to me that this works “like a mouse cursor but with an analog stick”.

It sounds like he’s talking about out-of-combat movement, right? Granted, I only dabbled in Solasta for a few seconds before I couldn’t get over that my dwarf’s beard was halfway off his face. But yes, in combat you would need a cursor and a grid, but out of combat could be Diablo-style movement. (Diablo with a controller, of course.)