Solasta vs. Wrath of the Righteous vs. Baldur's Gate 3

One thing that’s cool about Solasta is the introduction of the Scavenger Guild. They will travel to a location you’ve been to, including a random battle along the road, and after time has passed will have collected all the junk you didn’t pick up (including stuff you might have left laying out in the open and missed by not looting a body, but not stuff found inside chests of course). Then you are presented with a list of all the stuff they recovered, and you can click on things you want to keep and just turn the rest into gold, sharing a % of the profits with the guild. It’s a slick system, and keeps you from feeling like you have to grab up every lose sword or belt you loot.

Pathfinder has a nice solution to this as well, in which when you leave an area you get a similar list of items found on the ground, and can selectively pick the stuff you wanted but didn’t notice (like a missed potion or scroll or a masterwork sword that is worth lugging around to sell).

BG3 (and Divinity) seems to be the worst in all possible ways in that not only do they not have an option for something like this, they actively make it harder to loot the environment for stuff.

Scott you are my spirit animal and I can’t disagree with anything you said. I overcame my dislike for the presentation of Solasta to find a marvelous game. I will also enjoy the other 2 for different reasons.

You guys are killing me. I was holding off on Solasta to wait for release, but now… I Really want to play…

If you want 10 - 15 hours of a fun time rolling up characters, finding your perfect party, and getting a feel for it before full release… why not?

Excellent write up, Scott - agree with your views.

Beware Scotch_Lufkin posts! His a walking wallet threat level!

Oh, neat! Both those systems sound cool and the Solasta one even has some nice flavor to it, sounds like. Really seems like BG3 is falling down on the job!

Anyway, thanks for doing this, I definitely need to get Solasta now.

Started a campaign in Solasta during lunch. Got killed in The tutorial. 10/10 would buy again…At the start I’m getting a very DDO vibe, and that is a good thing.

Run away from the dire wolf and push the boulder.

At least he didn’t fuck that up on camera. Several times in a row.

I’ve not played the game, but I enjoyed that. :D

It was real hard to watch again, that’s for sure. Good lord.

I’ve not played an RPG of any kind since I guess Fallout 3. You want to see some fun, my play thru will no doubt be replete with many such instances of brilliant play!! haha

Holy shit! That was awesome. I mean it honestly took me 3 times to figure it out but eventually I did notice the glowing Boulder.

OK, created my merry band of intrepid soon to be dead adventurers. Should be interesting to put them to the test and find out just how badly I screwed this up.

Gonna wait for launch though I do believe. Only a week off.

And yes, in the future I’ll take my musings on this one back to the main thread for it. ;)

OMG, I was in tears watching that. So fun.

Launch is five weeks away? May 27th.

I want a sorcerer so I have to wait.

An update or so ago Solasta released a Dungeon Maker tool which may help people decide if this is the game for them. There are a couple of good quality 2 hour or so adventures already on Nexus and I certainly expect hundreds of them over time. About the only real negative I have experienced so far in Solasta is the feat choices are rather uninspired.

I normally like Sorcerers in games such as this because when it’s set up to be combat encounter after combat encounter, a combat spell battery like the sorc is perfect.

This is the first game I like Wizards better - the spells are very useful and utility in a variety of situations, and I don’t know if I want to give up Ritual spells either.

Ritual spells are great. Really solves the problem with Identify and similar utility spells. I took the Druid-esqu Wizard sub-class and that made my Wizard a decent archer which is pretty cool.