Solasta vs. Wrath of the Righteous vs. Baldur's Gate 3

It was real hard to watch again, that’s for sure. Good lord.

I’ve not played an RPG of any kind since I guess Fallout 3. You want to see some fun, my play thru will no doubt be replete with many such instances of brilliant play!! haha

Holy shit! That was awesome. I mean it honestly took me 3 times to figure it out but eventually I did notice the glowing Boulder.

OK, created my merry band of intrepid soon to be dead adventurers. Should be interesting to put them to the test and find out just how badly I screwed this up.

Gonna wait for launch though I do believe. Only a week off.

And yes, in the future I’ll take my musings on this one back to the main thread for it. ;)

OMG, I was in tears watching that. So fun.

Launch is five weeks away? May 27th.

I want a sorcerer so I have to wait.

An update or so ago Solasta released a Dungeon Maker tool which may help people decide if this is the game for them. There are a couple of good quality 2 hour or so adventures already on Nexus and I certainly expect hundreds of them over time. About the only real negative I have experienced so far in Solasta is the feat choices are rather uninspired.

I normally like Sorcerers in games such as this because when it’s set up to be combat encounter after combat encounter, a combat spell battery like the sorc is perfect.

This is the first game I like Wizards better - the spells are very useful and utility in a variety of situations, and I don’t know if I want to give up Ritual spells either.

Ritual spells are great. Really solves the problem with Identify and similar utility spells. I took the Druid-esqu Wizard sub-class and that made my Wizard a decent archer which is pretty cool.

Solasta and now Pathfinder/Wrath have really raised the bar for Baldur’s 3. With BG3 release a bit away I am obviously still holding back judgments but it seems people still fear it is more Original Sin 3 than a AD&D/Forgotten Realms product…anyone who has played all three have any thoughts? Wrath is incredibly fantastic and Solasta, although a smaller game, is terrific.

Tough to say so early. BG3 is nowhere near done.

Right now, it does feel very Original Sin 2.5/BG, but who knows what the final game will be like?

BG3 is more OS3 than BG3 imo.

But they’re so far off from being ready that it’s hard to say what might change. They’ve been fairly receptive to changing a lot of stuff, but they also have so little feedback and the time between patches is so long that it’s often impossible to tell what is going on.

The game is basically a single Act of Kingmaker, restricted to level 4 because they aren’t ready to deal with level 3 spells or whatever. It feels super, duper early. It’s actually an Alpha in my opinion. They’re still locking down basic concepts in a lot of ways.

Most of my issues are where they’re changing the 5e rules for… no reason. Because Sven thinks people who play fighters might get bored by attacking stuff. But the biggest issue they have is adapting that system and that Solasta did it so much more effectively with basically no budget. But Larian is the flagship product and they’re just houseruling all the things willy nilly (imo, YMMV).

Does Wrath of the Righteous win this now? I haven’t followed any of the games other than watching a few minutes of gameplay. If I had to pick a CRPG, I think that would be it.

Thank you Shiva, sounds like they have a bit of mess on their hands and disappointing…

Probably. At least once they get all the issues ironed out.

It also depends on what you’re looking for. BG3 is more of a “hard” RPG. As in you’re playing a character and interacting with NPCs and the like a lot more. Solasta is a hard simulation of table top and extremely linear. Wrath is in between. You have a lot more roleplaying options in Wrath than Solasta, but a lot less than BG3 (well probably, hard to say at this stage for BG3).

Again, it’s super early. It’s a proper Alpha in a lot of ways. I’m not super thrilled with it right now, but I’ll also be amazed if it comes out before 2023.

What little I played of BG3 and not being a diehard BG/D&D fan - I feel that the BG3 story is very well done.

Yes, that’s very much a strength so far. Plus, production value is through the roof.

The more I play Wrath of the Righteous, the more I pine for Solasta’s UI. It’s just leagues better in terms of usability. Sorting abilities by what you can use, when is just so much better than hunting through multiple hot bars and trying to remember what is a free action, vs swift, vs move action, vs standard, vs full.

Agree completely.

Just got Solasta, and you are spot on regarding description. I’m loving it.