Anyone else playing this? I just downloaded it, it seems pretty interesting. Side scrolling shooter, you jump around, buy weapons, etc. Kind of like a side scrolling Counterstrike. You can also play multiplayer. QT3 server?

I played this game pretty heavily 3 or 4 years ago. Pretty fun.

Wow, it’s that old? I guess that’s why it runs so well on my laptop. Fun little game though.

Yeah, it’s pretty great and it has been around for quite some time. I’ll host a server if I can get on the site without that one stupid flash popup locking up in firefox

I just downloaded it yesterday with Firefox (checks version) 1.0.7

If anyone else has never played it, it’s pretty fun. It’s also free. It’s kind of like Duke Nukem 3D, but you can jetpack fly, you use modern weapons (spaz shotgun, Mp5, Steyr Aug), and you aim with the mouse instead of just shooting forward. You can also throw grenades and such. All the weapons have different aiming/balistics models: i.e. The Ruger rifle shoots farily straight but drops a bit at distance, while the bloop gun (m203 gren launcher) shoots in a big arc. You can crouch, jump, scoot forward and backward, shoot over hills, etc. There are some actual tactics and skill involved.

Soldat is so good.\\\\

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Soldat sounds like fun. I wonder if I can dig up the game from somewhere.
Maybe Stardock or Steam has it in their inventory…


Soldat is available here: