[Solium Infernum] Abandon All Hope

I will update this original post as needed.[U][B]

The Fiends[/B][/U]

[Fudge] - Dave Perkins
[Razgon] - Razgon
[Nodrownoth] - Nodrownboy2
[Equus] - Adam Eayrs
[Evor] - lesslucid
[Mean Devil Tom] - TomChick

Map Size: Normal
Map Type: The Lake of Fire
Places of Power: Uncommon
Game Length: Normal

I am Equus, the man with a horse’s head. Even though this is Hell, there will be no yiffing, so please no slashfic involving Equus, your avatar, and a well-appointed stable in the countryside.

I am Fudge, the sluglike man, whose excrement you shall all sup on.

You dirty, dirty, shisno!

I am Evor, and in case we’re trying to avoid using the same picture, I’m using the dude with the electric-jewel-forehead-thing.

Looks like we’ve begun. Knowing that I’m playing against intelligent human opponents instead of a mindless computer has made me suddenly nervous. I realise I have no idea what makes a good strategy in this game…

Same here! Very cool.

Grovel in the flames, the Prince of Hell Razgon has arrived…and he has a plan! (Disclaimer: This is not a plan like the cylons plan in Battlestar Galactica - This is an actual plan!)

I look forward to battling you all in hell!

Nodrownoth sits in his fortress (almost) on the shores of the Lake of Fire. Soon all will come to fear him. Unless of course that epic starting legion of Razgon over there proves him wrong.

Are you spying on me?!

If navigating my infernal cursor so that it rests upon your legion counts as spying, then yes I am.

Razgon does have a very nice starting legion, but look at the Place of Power closest to Tom.

A) temple of lust, and we have 2 lust avatars. Nice real estate if you plan on winning the game.

But more importantly

B) It provides combat support. 2 of its combat stats are 8+ or something along those lines, and it’s nested within a hex of Tom’s stronghold. Any invading army is going to have to contend with that Place of Power spitting out some serious support firepower. As a Place of Power, it can’t be debuffed or destroyed. Though my avatar is ostensibly lustful, I am feeling quite a bit of envy, too. Perhaps we can all work towards making sure Tom doesn’t get the big guns locked down early.

Well, I have good news for you. Places of Power don’t contribute support, only legions do. Lust is definitely a very popular objective because of it’s -3 bonus, kinda surprising you only have 2 Archfiends lusting for the temple; the Hell to Pay PBEM has 4 Lust Archfiends.

Places of Power do indeed contribute support when they have the Battle Support attribute, like the Temple of Lust does. :)


1.02 is here.

Looks like the important thing is that we get the host updated.

Damn you! Just for that, I’m going vendatta on you, you…fiend!

I am going to update before sending out Turn 2.

The pertinent details:


All players send their turns into the host. The host UPDATES and THEN processes the turn. The host sends the Main.sav file to the players. The players update their versions and then load the Main.sav files sent by the host.

This is a really interesting game ;-D

Try saying that with a mouth full of your own intestines!