[Solium Infernum] Archfiend of the Hill

>Called due to a lack of interest<

Game Version: 1.05b

[x] indicates I’ve received what I need from you to host the next turn. If you’re the only one without an x in your [ ], guess what that means, slacker!

The Archfiends of Hell
Mysterio (Mysterio) - #14 Whore Dude [host]
Nyarlathotep (Ethylene Oxide) - #1 3-Headed Dude with Vile Breath [ ]
Reaver (JordanP) - #15 Winged Dude with High Beams for Eyes [ ]
Beelzedoug (ddtibbs) - #6 Flying Bug Dude [ ]
Jubilex (Crater) - #5 Festively Plump Dude [ ]
Lyle (3ric3rown) - #3 Gargoyle Dude with Snake - Turned over to the AI on Turn 33 at player’s request!

Avatar Portraits and Names
Avatar portraits must be unique and will be assigned on a “first noted in this thread, first assigned” basis. Reference the avatar portrait via the number assigned to it in the Avatar Creator screen. List the name you’ve given to your avatar, as well.

If you have an icon preference, state it. Otherwise, one will be randomly assigned to you via the dreaded “?” icon!

Game Settings
Name: Archfiend of the Hill
Map Size: Normal
Map Type: The Lake of Fire
Places of Power: Uncommon
Game Length: Normal

Prestige When Game Was Called (from Mysterio’s Diplomacy screen)
Mysterio (Mysterio) - 299
Nyarlathotep (Ethylene Oxide) - 80
Reaver (JordanP) - 120
Beelzedoug (ddtibbs) - 102
Jubilex (Crater) - 86
Lyle - 41

TBD name, #10 avatar, Eyeball gamepiece/icon

Crater already has that one, as he used it in People In Hell Want Ice Water. Pick again!

I see you’ve already got my Archfiend as “Lyle” with portrait #3. I don’t care which icon I’m given.

Can’t wait for the mayhem to begin!

I’ll go with the same name/portrait/icon as last time. The name is Reaver, the portrait is #15, you already have the bull icon up there.

This time, I’m Jubilex, portrait #5. I do so like the eye, so I’d like to keep that.

blah just surprise me with the icon… and i wanna change my portrait to #1 if that’s okay… thanks!

All invites have been sent out!

thanks again for hosting mysterio!

No problem!

Once Crater submits his turn from the invitation, the game will begin!

Sorry for the delay, it’s on it’s way!

The game has begun! Bad fortune, archfiends!

Starting Legion stats:

Mysterio (Prince): Lvl 3, HP 8, Ranged 5, Melee 4, Infernal 3, Charge - Total RMI=12
Beelzedoug B[/B]: Lvl 3, HP 7, Ranged 3, Melee 6, Infernal 4 - Total RMI=13
Lyle (Duke): Lvl 2, HP 7, Ranged 1, Melee 8, Infernal 3 - Total RMI=12
Nyarlathotep B[/B]: Lvl 2, HP 6, Ranged 2, Melee 1, Infernal 6, Mountain Walk - Total RMI=9
Jubilex B[/B]: Lvl 2, HP 8, Ranged 6, Melee 1, Infernal 4, Rage - Total RMI=11
Reaver B[/B]: Lvl 2, HP 9, Ranged 4, Melee 13(!), Infernal 2, Black Lightning - Total RMI=19(!)

Is it just me, or is Reaver’s starting Legion abnormally powerful compared to the rest of ours? Seriously…Marquis and 13 Melee and Black Lightning and a total RMI of 19, 6 more than the next highest (Beelzedoug with 13)? That can’t be right.

And EO…we need to talk about your name selections. They’re a PITA to type! >:-|

EDIT: After testing various archfiend builds, it looks like Reaver’s numbers can be obtained by putting at least 8 points total into Martial Prowess, Cunning, Intellect, and Wickedness, and 0 points into Charisma with no negative feats. He’s going to be tough to deal with in the early game.

Hahaha, sorry Mysterio… I’m kind of a big HP Lovecraft/August Derleth fan so my Archfiend names aren’t going to get any easier to type. :D

Also wtf on the starting legion attributes… I guess I’ll just have to see how far my crappy starting legion will take me.

There sure are a lot of quiet archfiends in this game! Reaver’s making the most noise (i.e., diplomatic actions). What’s everyone else up to?

I think everyone’s trying to lie low right now. As for me, I plan on ruling my PoP-less territory with an iron fist.

I am truly envious.

Huh…I thought for sure Beelzedoug would concede to my demand, but he didn’t. Interesting.

Since you’ve been so busy Dark Auguring me, I thought you would have known that already.

Vic released 1.05c on March 8th. Since it’s compatible with 1.05b and 1.05a, I’d like to update our game to it. Once you send me your Turn 13 (some of you already have), you should update to 1.05c, since Turn 14 will have been created with 1.05c.

I’m assuming everyone’s running either 1.05b or 1.05a for their other MP games, if any. If not, let me know. Otherwise, please send me an email once you’ve updated to 1.05c, so there’s no confusion.