[Solium Infernum] - Brimstone and Blood

Our Fiends
Nodrownboy2 - Nodrac
Wild One - The Crippled God
Brinstil - Flibbertigibbet
Nathan Sharpe - Prince Fletchard
Ethylene Oxide - Ethylene Oxide
De_Treville - Legion

The Game
Turn: 4
Map: Dante’s Peak
Size: Normal
PoP: Uncommon
Speed: Normal
Eternal Grudges: Certain

I, Flibbertigibbet, am the prettiest and sleepiest demon (Pic #14) that hell will ever know!

I’m the bug dude (Beelzebub) whose name, incidentally, is misspelled in the manual… I have a better name for the character but for the sake of keeping things simple, I just used my forum name.

Who the heck is who in this game? No one picked a name that was similar to their forum name, lol.


I’ll try to find the ambition tonight to figure that out and update the top of the thread.

Edit: Should be done. That is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If I screwed that up somehow, let me know…or don’t. This is hell after all.

Okay so it’s Wild One that’s flinging demands around in the Infernal Conclave… Bastard! j/k ;D

It brings me great pleasure to share with you an inkling of the pain and suffering that consumes my every waking moment. May the whole world discover what it is to be flawed. ~The Crippled God

Will we be upgrading to 1.04a?