Solium Infernum by Vic "Armageddon Empires" Davis


Who had this on their 2022 bingo card?

What in the… what!

To be clear, this is a remake/reboot by the Armello devs, not the original game. I saw it in action last weekend, and it’s quite faithful to the original.

Hope @Vic_Davis is still around to comment?

Thomas S. Chickens quoted on the Steam page!

And one of his best. Not even a typo!

Armello was a potentially interesting game ruined by the fact that they just would not let you see more than a tiny portion of the map at any one time. Hopefully they don’t ruin this game that way.

It will be fine: not being notified by what was happening on the ever wrapping map was part of the original design!

I dunno, I’ve found that relentless and annoying map-scrolling is core to the Solium Infernum experience.

This is great! I was just thinking that it’s a shame these mechanics got locked in old UX / old engine hell.

Fascinating multiplayer experience. I can’t think of another game where I’ve done more overthinking of my opponent’s intentions.

“They’re obviously going to do this, which I can counter. But is it obvious because they’re expecting my counter? Do I instead counter their counter of my counter?”

Hey Soren,
Yep. I’m not on the cart yet. :)

Trent said you were really excited when you heard what they are up to. That guy is an amazing world traveler. I think he just needs to check off Antartica at this point.

Thanks for the shout out.


Is that supposed to be an email?

I like this thread reboot because I get to show off my tutorials for the game once again!

This is my fave page:

Lol. No just me probably sharing too much. I can see why you might think that. With me something like that could happen. :)

Haha – no worries :)

As a beta tester on the original, I can honestly say this made my day.

Now I have to figure out how I re-download the original game. I bought it back in the day and never actually learned it or played it. I just poked around the UI a bit and walked away.

Or maybe I just wait for the reboot.

Just pm’d you a dropbox link to my install files. You’ll need your key though.

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

My thoughts about Armageddon Empires exactly. If I had the money, that’s the game I’d love to buy the rights to.

Also - great to see you’re still around, Vic.