Solium Infernum by Vic "Armageddon Empires" Davis

It will be fine: not being notified by what was happening on the ever wrapping map was part of the original design!

I dunno, I’ve found that relentless and annoying map-scrolling is core to the Solium Infernum experience.

This is great! I was just thinking that it’s a shame these mechanics got locked in old UX / old engine hell.

Fascinating multiplayer experience. I can’t think of another game where I’ve done more overthinking of my opponent’s intentions.

“They’re obviously going to do this, which I can counter. But is it obvious because they’re expecting my counter? Do I instead counter their counter of my counter?”

Hey Soren,
Yep. I’m not on the cart yet. :)

Trent said you were really excited when you heard what they are up to. That guy is an amazing world traveler. I think he just needs to check off Antartica at this point.

Thanks for the shout out.


Is that supposed to be an email?

I like this thread reboot because I get to show off my tutorials for the game once again!

This is my fave page:

Lol. No just me probably sharing too much. I can see why you might think that. With me something like that could happen. :)

Haha – no worries :)

As a beta tester on the original, I can honestly say this made my day.

Now I have to figure out how I re-download the original game. I bought it back in the day and never actually learned it or played it. I just poked around the UI a bit and walked away.

Or maybe I just wait for the reboot.

Just pm’d you a dropbox link to my install files. You’ll need your key though.

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

My thoughts about Armageddon Empires exactly. If I had the money, that’s the game I’d love to buy the rights to.

Also - great to see you’re still around, Vic.

I’d always (perhaps wrongly) assumed that the game Last Days of Old Earth was a “modern take” on Armageddon Empires. Published by Slitherine.



The publisher and developers both explicitly called it a spiritual successor to Armageddon Empires. Never tried it.

Dominions PBEM was the closest.

I did. In fact I was a beta tester. I don’t remember enough about it to know why, but I felt like it just didn’t measure up to AE

One reason that it didn’t measure up IIRC is that they never added air units.

It was, but without the charm, faction and strategic variety of the original. Always difficult to follow up a beloved classic, but I’ll never get why people think it’s a good idea to follow up such a game with a “sequel” that has less features.

Last Days of Old Earth makes me kinda sad because I think it was a big factor in Owen Faraday (whose real name I can’t remember) winding down/selling off Pocket Tactics, the site which was QT3 for me before I ended up at QT3 (although I try not to spend much time around here anymore because I’ve decided the internet is bad for me) because he was working on that game in some capacity (marketing?). The remaining writers and forumgoers moved to Stately Play, but the golden age was gone. It might have been ok if the game turned out to be a modern classic, but, well, it didn’t.