Solium Infernum by Vic "Armageddon Empires" Davis

Cliffski’s site has this half off (, so decided to pick it up.

Vic has released the free mini expansion which you can grab here:

Changes and new rules are hidden here:


For some reason I have a need to play this over the holiday break. Nothing says Christmastime more than a pit of fiends looking to become the next Duke of Hell. Unfortunately for me I didn’t jump on this when Vic was running a promo (neveronsteam) so it looks like full price for me unless someone has a promo code I don’t know about…


Who had this on their 2022 bingo card?

What in the… what!

To be clear, this is a remake/reboot by the Armello devs, not the original game. I saw it in action last weekend, and it’s quite faithful to the original.

Hope @Vic_Davis is still around to comment?

Thomas S. Chickens quoted on the Steam page!

And one of his best. Not even a typo!

Armello was a potentially interesting game ruined by the fact that they just would not let you see more than a tiny portion of the map at any one time. Hopefully they don’t ruin this game that way.

It will be fine: not being notified by what was happening on the ever wrapping map was part of the original design!

I dunno, I’ve found that relentless and annoying map-scrolling is core to the Solium Infernum experience.

This is great! I was just thinking that it’s a shame these mechanics got locked in old UX / old engine hell.

Fascinating multiplayer experience. I can’t think of another game where I’ve done more overthinking of my opponent’s intentions.

“They’re obviously going to do this, which I can counter. But is it obvious because they’re expecting my counter? Do I instead counter their counter of my counter?”

Hey Soren,
Yep. I’m not on the cart yet. :)

Trent said you were really excited when you heard what they are up to. That guy is an amazing world traveler. I think he just needs to check off Antartica at this point.

Thanks for the shout out.


Is that supposed to be an email?

I like this thread reboot because I get to show off my tutorials for the game once again!

This is my fave page:

Lol. No just me probably sharing too much. I can see why you might think that. With me something like that could happen. :)

Haha – no worries :)

As a beta tester on the original, I can honestly say this made my day.