[Solium Infernum] - Die unendliche Geschichte

Ooh, scary.

Still waiting on some PMs for e-mail addresses, but I thought I’d get the thread up and running. Don’t worry, you’ll never have to type out “Die unendliche Geschichte”.

Our participants are:

Diddums (host)
Dave Perkins

02 - Mammon (spidery fire-breather on gold) - McKnight

05 - Balphegor (Fatty Fatty Fat Fat / Jabba the Hutt) - ShivaX, a.k.a Garfang

06 - Beelzebub (winged insectoid) – Diddums

07 - Belial (a gentleman with a monocle / Dr. Mindbender with horns) - Josemas

12 - Murmur (shadowed hooded figure, clutching a sword, with gryphon) - De_Treville, a.k.a. Legion

14 - Paimon (androgynous, naked, recumbent)- Dave Perkins, a.k.a. Ephic

Please call dibs on an avatar, just so that we don’t have multiple Belials running around.

Please post your archfiend’s name if it differs from your screen name.

Game overview:
Map: Great Rivers
Map Size: Large
Places of Power: Uncommon
Game Length: Epic

[b]The game ends on Turn 68, with 19 out of 25 conclave counters drawn.[/b]  

If you've sent your turn but there's not an [x] listed by your name,  please resend at your convenience. Or poke me with a stick (at your convenience).

I’ll be taking Mammon unless somebody else wants him? Makes a nice change from Bephelgor.

I’ll go with belial, thanks! In game I wil be Josemas-DUG. Good luck all.

I’ll be Paimon (#14) and my avatar’s name will be Ephic!

This should be challenging, an epic game on a large map where it appears I won’t get any places of power unless I fight for them!

5 gluttonies!

Good luck everyone.

This is looking like a nice cramped hell already

I know its only turn 3 but don’t tell me we are neglecting the thread completely? By the way I hope everyone enjoys my little event next turn ; )

Scary… Btw a new patch is out, and while it should be compatible with the previous version, we should all switch to 1.03 before next turn.


I’ve updated. 1.03 is compatable with 1.02 so once Diddums updates it shouldn’t effect the game if one of the us forgets

I’ve patched to 1.03 (loving it by the way–tribute really is so much easier to work with now) and after we get one of the last turns sorted out, we can continue. Rawr!

I’m in 3 games, so I sort of forget which is which… but are you the one who put a 5-turn hiatus on tribute collection?

If so, then I spray you with urine.

Ditto. Look guys, five turns in which to diplomatically harass McKnight! Awesome!

I knew you’d all love it! 5 turns with 2 armys moving should be able to carve myself out a nice big pit to stew in

Ok just made a really big and very stupid mistake! Didn’t realize that the PoP I was attacking had melee +1 :( so now instead of winning gloriously by 1hp, I lost by 1 and my beautiful new legion was destroyed. Ah the capricious nature of hell

I smack my lips at the thought of tearing into your corpse!

Folks, to provide some feedback as to whether I’ve received your turn, I’ll be editing the first post to give the turn number as well as the people who’ve submitted their turn.

As host, I’m always worried about missing a turn in the flood of e-mail, but I don’t want to nag the players either. If you don’t see your name go up a few hours after you’ve sent your turn, please re-send. Thanks!

McKnight, what a disaster the last few turns have been. Your legion’s stuck in no man’s land, neither threatening anyone nor remotely close to a PoP; you’re about to lose the Wall of Envy–your Wall of Envy–to Josemas, even though they’re 3 hexes away from your stronghold and he had to walk across the entire freakin’ map; you’re universally hated because you closed the Hellmouth.

Steve McQueen: What happened? What the hell happened?

P.S. that’s a great movie.
P.P.S. SPOILERS–ah, it’s over 40 years old now. Screw it. Steve McQueen gets shot right after delivering the line.
P.P.P.S: Bruce Willis is a ghost!

We have no tribute, a slight increase on minimum bids in the bazaar, and something else I can’t even remember. Oh yeah, we all had to pay a tribute card to the Conclave this turn. And my starting legion and stronghold stats suck.

I feel a perfect amount of hate.

And it all fell apart because I didn’t see the +1 Melee that the wall of envy has :( I thought I would have 3 PoP under my belt by now but alas my second legion died and now I’m pretty much resigned to the fact I have along way to go to get my plans back on track

One cool thing about this game though, it gives you lots of chances to turn things upside down and come back from early problems.