[Solium Infernum] Game for those available throughout the week

Game Version: 1.05a

The game has concluded! Congratulations to Thesper for claiming Hell’s throne!

[x] indicates I’ve received what I need from you to host the next turn. If you’re the only one without an x in your [ ], guess what that means, slacker!

The Archfiends of Hell
Mysterio as Vindicator (#4 Full Metal Armor Dude, Bird icon) [host]
Ethylene Oxide as Zstylzhemghi (#1, Three-Headed Dude) [ ]
JordanP as Reaver (#15 Winged Dude with Helm and Glowing Eyes, Bull icon) [ ]
Gunner as Gunner (#5 Jabba Dude) [ ]
Crater as Old Scratch (#7 Monocle Dude, Eye icon) [ ]
Thesper as Thesper (#12 Griffon, Omega icon) [ ]

Avatar Portraits and Names
Avatar portraits must be unique and will be assigned on a “first noted in this thread, first assigned” basis. Reference the avatar portrait via the number assigned to it in the Avatar Creator screen. List the name you’ve given to your avatar, as well.

If you have an icon preference, state it. Otherwise, one will be randomly assigned to you via the dreaded “?” icon!

Game Settings
Name: People In Hell Want Ice Water
Map Size: Normal
Map Type: Acheron’s Locks
Places of Power: Uncommon
Game Length: Normal

Really tempted to jump in on this. After all of the positive buzz SI has received, I’m itching to try it. Am I going to be at a horrible disadvantage if I’m a complete noob? (It’s okay, I just want to set my expectations appropriately.)

Make sure your Archfiend has charisma 3. As long as you don’t take the -1 orders or -1 moves anti-perks and take charisma 3 it’s very hard to make a downright terrible archfiend build. Do that and whatever else you pick you should be able to have a fun game.

Incidentally, I’d be interested in joining this game if it happens to open up to those across the pond (UK specifically).

I could go for a more rapid fire game. I’m on the west coast.

Also, there are quite a few builds that work with the -1 move. After the initial land grab movement speed can be pretty irrelevant.

Though I wouldn’t recommend taking any anti-perks for a first timer. Just build a prince with three charisma, lust or gluttony public objectives, and either a defensive perk (like paranoid) or a perk that enhances whatever route you want to go (like prince of lies).

I think an easy beginners mistake is to want to put points in whatever attribute, like martial or cunning, that they want to be their primary. If you put as much as possible in charisma it will let you raise your primary skill very quickly.

Oh yeah, certainly you could play with -1 moves with a specialist build, but for a first timer it would
a) be risky
b) not be able to get much experience in some of the main areas of the game
c) be boring - you’re probably just demanding tribute twice a turn for most of the early turns

Even the -1 orders anti-perk has a possible place in a cunning 4 build.

Put me down for the game Mysterio.

Do you currently own the game, or are you considering purchasing it?

Okay. I’ll keep you on standby if I have trouble filling the slots.

Does that mean you want in on this game?

Done! PM me your email address, and post your archfiend name and portrait choice here.

[LEFT]I’m in. I’ll go with portrait #15 (Shax), called Reaver, I’ll take the Bull symbol.

Done! Email address received.

I’ll take buff folded arms guy with metal helmet-thingie. I’m at work so I don’t know which # he is. PM otw

That’s #15, which has already been claimed by JordanP. Try again!

EDIT: Email address received.

Hey I’d love to be in on this too. A bit of a faster pace sounds nice. Will send my email right away if thats cool.

Strongly considering purchasing. My only hesitation is that the only people I know playing it are on this board.

Done! Email address received.

Well, if Dominions 3’s longevity among Qt3 members is any indication, Qt3 members will be playing SI for a long time. You shouldn’t hesitate, if that’s your only concern. Plus, people who have been playing SP have been saying the AI has improved with each successive patch from Vic.

Allrighty, count me in. Downloading now.

Done! PM me your email address when you can.

If the last slot’s not claimed by 5 PM EST today, it goes to you.

What are you envisioning? Two turns/day? Ten? Finishing a game in one sitting?

At least two turns/day (even on weekdays), hopefully more. One turn/day is not what I want from this game.

Hey, Mysterio says I’m in, so I’ll take portrait #12 (Murmur) and I’ll take the omega icon (5 clicks on the right arrow from random).

My archfiend will be called Thesper.