[Solium Infernum] Glacial Abyss

Sign-up thread for a slow game of Solium Infernum. I can host but I’ve never done it before so if anyone in this game knows what they’re doing they can feel free to take over, otherwise I’m fine doing it.

I’ll edit this post to reflect players and game settings once we have a roster and decide on things.


Staff Sergeant

Large Map
Lake of Fire
Common PoPs
Normal Game Length

I can probably play in two games, so unless you fill up without me count me in.

I’m in! :)

Count me in.

I am in if there’s still room

OK If checkers wants in he’s the last person from the sign-up thread to move over so we’ll give him preferential privilege over anyone else that comes in after this point. If he’s in it looks like we have 6.

I just have one request, can everyone make an avatar that is just their Qt3 handle? I know it’s fun to be all creative and whatnot but I’d rather just know who is who.

If people really want to use their regular email addresses that’s fine, I’m going to make a new gmail account (probably StaffSergeant_GlacialAbyss at gmail dot com) to host this on but email addresses that contain your Qt3 handle are encouraged (you can even just set it up to forward to your preferred email address so you don’t have to check it all the time to see if you have a new turn) because it would make it easier for me to keep everything straight without needing an excel spreadsheet of avatars, handles, and email addresses.

offdutyninja1.qt3 @gmail.com (I don’t have enough posts to post an e-mail address)

fumanstu.qt3 at gmail dot com, set up and ready to go. :)

bandidoquest at gmail dot com

josemasqt3 at gmail

Hello thanks for saving my spot! I’m in :-)
You don’t get a special email address sorry, alex bluebottle.net.au.

By the way, to keep track of email addresses, you don’t need to. Just look them up for the initial email, then reply-to-all on the last turn file for every subsequent turn. That way you only have to type the addresses in once!

Is the space supposed to be where I put the @?

K I’ll set up the game tonight then either before the Office if the file transfer finishes in time or after if it doesn’t. Does anyone know where I can re-download the .exe by the way? My link in my email archives from when I bought it does not work and I can’t find the install .exe, so I’m just transferring the program files directory and the soliuminfernumgames directory in the my documents folder to my desktop, hopefully that works because I don’t want to play on my laptop.

Yes, alex at bluebottle.net.au.
I need to reinstall SI too, let me know if you find a link.

OP edited to reflect my current settings. Post by 10pm if you hate my choices and I’ll change 'em, I’m off to watch the office.

Sorry, no link checkers, the file transfer worked fine.

Invites sent. Man I totally forgot how to play this game I hope my avatar that I made isn’t terrible.

Oh you know what, do we have to use email? It would be so much easier to use drop box and just have a folder for each turn. I really hate sifting through email to get turns, it was such a pain last time I played this.

Dropbox works for me, I use it a fair bit anyway.

I don’t really use Dropbox. I could try if it’s easy enough and everybody wants to use it.