[Solium Infernum] Hell to Pay

Current turn:44
[ ]Staff Sergeant

If there are any problems getting a turn in for whatever reason, just let the rest of the group know. If there is no response via PM or email for a length of time, around 72 hours, then the remaining players will decide whether to put in an AI replacement.

Game #5: Hell to Pay
Deadbuffalo --> Cattle Horn Dudes, Naked Horse Guy
terpsicore --> Birdmen, 15th Portrait
Bossman–> All-seeing eye?, Fat Guy
Sepiche --> Three Tentacles , Fall From Heaven Guy
Roboczar–> 2 headed snake? Fire Breathing Guy replaced with AI
Staff Sergeant --> Masked Viper, 15th Portrait

Length: Normal
Size: Normal
Places of Power: Uncommon
Map Type: Acheron’s Locks

From the one game I played on this map, there seem to be a lot of natural choke points that are great for sealing off territory and places of power from your neighbors. And if the Archfiends are anything like the BBQ’s, expect a lot of lust.

Invitation is sent, PM me if you didn’t get it. If there is a problem with any of the starting legions than we can always restart on Monday post-patch.

Sounds good.

Just one humble suggestion, but we might be better off waiting to start until Monday when Vic puts the new patch out. The biggest thing it fixes is a bug where starting legions can be underpowered sometimes.

And once we do start I’d like the symbol with the three tentacles. :)

Edit: I went with image 11 for the record.

I sent my zero turn in, it took about 4 seconds so I figure I can do it again if you guys want to restart, but I’m ready to go as is.

I chose the 15th portrait and I’d like the fire symbol, unless that’s the same one as the tentacles in which case I don’t care about my symbol.

Turn 1 is out, and it looks like it is going to be a mad land grab as well as relic rush. There is a +4 Tribute Roll relic and a +1 Diablolism relic that I’m certain are going to get pinched by one of the Princes or Dukes. But perhaps there is a deceit build in the running as well, which might mean that +1 deceit relic won’t last very long either. Someone is definitely going to get squeezed out from having a place of power. That shouldn’t be a problem though, because if I learned anything from the BBQ, it’s that no one in Hell likes a leader.

Smaug (roboczar?) is cut off from the tree of woe, while the wealthier demons fortify themselves with extra legions and the +4 tribute roll relic that i’ve deduced have gone to either Smaug or Mr. Fatty (bossman?) And what relic comes out as a replacement, of course the +1 orders book.

Yup, I’m Smaug. I’m not cut off from the Wood of the Suicides, really. I will be amazed if Staff Sergeant is able to take it with a weak starting legion. He just doesn’t have the stats (especially Infernal attack) to back it up. I do, however, and he can’t really stop me from grabbing an adjacent hex.

The +1 orders book is nice. I don’t know that I need to bid for that. I’m not in a rush, but we’ll see how it plays out.

Good guess. Looks like Lord Smaug is indeed the proud owner of the +4 tribute relic. And the +1 order book is still on the market…

I am largely unimpressed by Sergeant’s attempt to lock me out of the Wood of Suicides.

As restitution for his insolence and his blatant refusal to acknowledge his betters, I am demanding no less than 3 tribute cards, in order that he may show his proper deference.

If he refuses, I will be forced to declare vendetta and show him the true power of a Prince of Hell.

EDIT: (Better give me those cards or prepare for a last ditch defense of that weak ass 7HP 2/2/3 stronghold. I’m seriously not joking, haha!)

Yeah I got screwed by starting conditions, I don’t even care really. My legion is also incapable of fighting any nearby places of power or anything really, this will be a short game for me.

Well listen, don’t get me wrong. I like your spunk. You seem to have gotten in a little over your head, but I’m not unreasonable.

Check your PMs and maybe we can work out a deal that suits your position.

I wouldn’t discount yourself so quickly.Things can change pretty quickly in SI. Also, you have a level 2 place of power all of 3 hexes away from your stronghold. If you can’t take it right off then you definitely can with a praetor, artifact, combat card, or some sort of ritual. Or just recruit another legion. And careful about making a deal with the devil ;)

I think of my offer as rather magnanimous, considering the circumstances. :)

Well that was an interesting tactic Sergeant.

You couldn’t just leave me out of your little conflict, could you? :)

Haha. He’s the little mouse who roared.

Looks like someone picked up the +1 Orders book. Suspect it was Fatty because it sure wasn’t me.

Not that I care. :D

Are diplomatic efforts made public to everyone?

Only actions that are brought before the Infernal Conclave, like insults, demands and vendettas.

Not too much free space left, but only half of the places of power are claimed. I anticipate a buildup followed by all out hostilities in many parts of Hell.

And yeah, I got the +1 orders book. I thought for sure that I would be out rolled for it by roboczar, but I guess he was too busy making demands and fitting his Chosen with the latest in Scythe technology.

I kind of screwed myself in the PoP race by (futilely) opting to block roboczar from the Woods rather than trying to take one closer to myself. The only reason I have such high prestige is because Sepiche inexplicably accepted my insult in front of the Infernal Conclave. I’m going to have to withdraw to my Stronghold and think of a new gameplan…

One must always endeavor to be able to back up one’s threats, that’s all I can say. The scythe was a simple practicality and +1 orders is less of an advantage than one might imagine.

I’m pleased that Sergeant has seen the error of his ways; a satisfactory conclusion has been reached. Others attempting to take advantage of his weakness will be looked upon with displeasure.

Also, enjoy the new bazaar tax, plebians.