[Solium Infernum] Malebranchean Divine

It’s been a while. Let’s organize a game!

So far playing are:

Map Size: Normal Map
Map Type: Acheron’s Locks
PoP: Uncommon
Game Length: Normal


Boom, I’m ready.

Question, will we be mostly communicating on this forum or via PMs or via E-Mail?

Can I jump in? Or is there a waiting list?

No problem, you’re in.

For communication, I was thinking turns via email and informal communication on here. All formal communication would stay in-game, unless there’s any objection to that.

Cool. You can contact me at (my user name here) at yahoo.com

If everyone can post or PM me or whatever their email, that’d be great. As soon as I get everyone I’ll get a turn file sent out. I don’t really have any preference over turn length, just whenever you have time. Ideally we can get it down to a turn a day, at least early in the game, but if you need a bit longer that’s no big deal. So long as we’re not delaying a week for one person without prior notice. If for some reason you need to be gone for a while, throw something up here to let everyone know.

So everyone is up to date, we’ll be playing on 1.06b, which you can find here.

offdutyninja1.qt3 @gmail.com

On the subject of informal conversation:
Is Minecraft worth it? It just doesn’t seem to appeal to me (maybe because I don’t have a lot of PC playing friends?)

Minecraft is a lot of fun in the sense that a huge box of Legos is fun. Honestly if you don’t have that creative/obsessive bug in you, where you can be struck by the idea that hey, I want to build a floating glass castle with 3 stories, a dedicated rail network to get me in and out AND 3 lava waterfalls pumped to the top and dropped off the edge. Then there isn’t much for you there in Minecraft…but say that sounds like a good idea, I should go build that.

Also when are we expecting this game to get underway? Just wondering.

I still have to hear from Fizish, as soon as I get his email I can get the initial turn file sent out.

Sweet, when I get home ill sit down, find my SI install (its from one computer ago so it will be somewhere on my external) patch up and get to pretender making. Do we want to go with QT3 usernames?

I’d prefer to go anonymous, I’ve had more fun in games where nobody knows exactly who is who. Revealing yourself in-game is your prerogative, of course.

I don’t mind either way whether we reveal, your choice I guess.

Viper - that does sound like a good idea, I think I’ll have to find a server and try it out!

I’ve yet to hear from Fizish, so that slot is currently open. If anyone wants to jump in, by all means. Whether I hear from someone or not, in 24 hours I’ll get the game started.

Sorry, long day yesterday. I’m still in if you’ve got room.

Definitely! Send me your email and we can get this going. Sorry to throw you out so soon.

Er I guess you need 20 posts to send a PM? If you want to PM me your address I’ll send you an email from mine.

Oh, forgot that bit. You can find me at fedakynes [at] gmail [dot] com

Alright, you should have an email from me.

All opening turn files have been sent out. Let me know if you haven’t received anything.

Just to be clear: now that we’re using the web utility, you’ll send us a new invitation file, we recreate the game, and then send you “turn 0” right?