Solium Infernum remake by the Armello devs

You got that right! I’m excited and thrilled this is being remade!

Yeah, it’s been really wonderful watching the game come together. I passed the infernal torch over to LoG over a year ago and knew it was in great hands. I’ve been watching the progress via Zoom meetings with Ty, Trent and Blake for what seems like forever and each time gone “Wow! Look at that!”

I don’t want to step on any toes, so I can’t answer design and gameplay questions. It’s their project at this point. But they have been really faithful to the core mechanics, and I think contributed to making the game even better with some of their own ideas like focusing on the Archfiends as characters (adding some structured asymmetry in their playstyles.)

Trent Kusters gave a really excellent overview at the announcement of the game at the EGX. So watch that if you want a nice sneak peek of where the game is headed.

I wished it kept the original art and esthetics, as it was so evocative of what it really is to look at a strategical when in hell, but oh well!
That fullscreen event painting kicks ass though,

It is funny how none of Vic’s games left my various hard drives, even Solium which i was too scared to try MPing - but coming up with fiend ideas was a game on its own - and Six Guns which I have yet to figure out.
Director might have sucked, but it always worked beautifully under Wine,

What the what???!?!??

Fantastic news! Is it too early to push for Armageddon Empires and Occult Chronicles, too?

Yeah I really liked the atmosphere of the original also. I’d be happy with just modern resolutions, UI scale, and controller support (which I don’t think this new version has).

Still wishlisting it! :)

Great news. I imagine the remake will include better AI for single player gaming?

I now @Vic_Davis posted here already, so this is additional info that may be irrelevant, but anyway… Vic also posted on his blog:

This article says @Vic_Davis now makes donuts, and they link to a Qt3 thread about Vic Davis in which @Don_Quixote says he (Don) makes donuts, and they somehow confuse Vic with Don. Someone should contact Kotaku to clarify that Don makes donuts, Vic makes novels.

ouch. Someone didn’t read too closely. That said, things can get confusing around here when everything devolves into a food discussion. Still, funny.

Like others have mentioned, I’m not loving the new art direction—doesn’t look properly demonic, unlike the original, which looked very satanic indeed—but am excited by the prospect of an updated UI. I’m also hopeful that online will have more options aside from play-by-email.

I always thought the actual gameplay was solid so am hoping nothing too drastic is done on that front (which sounds like something I don’t have to worry about).

That’s hilarious enough to let it stay that way, lol. How are the donuts?

Talking to me? Things are good. There is more info in the Fried Dough thread, and a bit more last week in the Cascadia thread. Long story short, though, made it through the pandemic amazingly well, by shifting from the (closed) farmers markets to takeout from my kitchen. I’m busier than ever, have a few (very) part-time employees (I still do 90% of the work myself), and bought a food truck a while back to help get me mobile again. I’ve been using it for catering and special events the last few months, and that is starting to take off.

Except it would be cool if Kotaku linked to Vic’s novels—it would sell a few copies. He’s got four now!

indeed, this is the right response. I did see that someone mentioned the mistake in the comments on that article. Hopefully they’ll see that and fix it.

Hahahaha. Holy crap. That’s amazing.

Send us your Armies (or best Hellish infantry!) Don will provide the donuts…

Crazy thing is I love donuts. I just can’t eat them anymore. sad face.

congrats Vic :) and in my home town Melbourne as well! if you do turn up here, maybe we can throw a qt3 partay ;) without donuts, sadly… crosses Brunetti off the list

For my purposes those would be much more interesting - I’d buy either in a second. Solium Infernum always seemed lovely but multiplayer-only games just aren’t much use to me.

The website did seem to have a single player element/campaign listed. Will be interesting to see what it turns into.