Solium Infernum Saturday night "liveblogging"

Now is the time when we seem to be sitting back collecting resources. Although I have a pretty nifty surprise coming up in a few turns. I cackled as I typed that!


How did you lose, Troy? Barring combat cards and the battle initiative roll, it should be clear whether you’re going to win. Did the battle initiative screw you?


Hey, do you guys know if your Attributes or whatever influence the TYPE of mana tribute that you get? It seems like I am always short of Water, or whatever the Hellish equivalent of the water symbol actually is. I know that Charisma affects the quality of your Tribute, but does something else influence the type? Or is Water in short supply simply because that is the most historically accurate representation?

That’s not water, that’s ichor!

I don’t know the answer to how it handles the distribution, but I can tell you that I’m desperately in need of a couple of points of a specific resource before I make my next move, and I’m not drawing them. It really does capture the feeling of Hell.


Ichor? I just called it blood.

AFAIK, the rule of tribute is that you are never allowed to draw the items you want, so the trick is to pretend you want something else.

Like right now, the game thinks I want blood, but I really want hellfire.


U guys R doing it wrong! It’s not blood or water, it’s ichor.

Souls, ichor, hellfire, and darkness. See? Easy. It’s like food, wood, gold, and stone, but the Hell versions.


Sweet! I got the draw I needed and then some. Suck it, you guys.


Rats, I was hoping that Capricious Wrath would hit one of you guys’ legions. Instead, it got one of the AI dudes who was in last place. Pfft.


Is the AI any good?

Side question: How is it single player? Still interesting or feel like half of a game?

I just declared Vendetta on Moloch this turn. When I made my demand, I asked for 4 Tribute cards. That’s a pretty hefty Demand. So, he rejected it, and I declared Vendetta. The thing is, he’s a Prince, so I can’t just cherry-pick a Place of Power, like I did in a previous game where I WON, thank you so much. Here, my choices are 3 Places of Power, 7 Cantons, destroy 2 Legions, or some other stuff that is even more heinous. I’m going for the 7 Cantons, because I think I can get that. I’m not sure his legions would stand and fight, and I am almost positive I could not get to a third Place of Power and take it from him. Let’s see what happens.

This turn, I’m going to try milking one of the less powerful AI guys for either prestige or tribute cards (tribute cards are your resources, kind of like bills of varying currencies and denominations). Just like Bruce bullied Moloch, I’m going to bully Balphagor. We’ll see how he reacts. If he concedes, I get free resources! If he refuses to back down, I can declare Vendetta and win prestige by beating up on him for a little bit.

Also, I’m pretty hoping Bruce takes one of Moloch’s Places of Power. That guy’s got a hefty lead on all of us and I’d hate to see him running away with first place. Especially since I’m in second place.

Checkers, the AI in Solium Infernum is, uh…well…let’s just say at this point, I’m thinking of it primarily as a multiplayer game.


I actually totally screwed up. I cannot get 7 Cantons in the 3 turns that the game allows me for the Vendetta, because of the way that the game assigns control: you have to END your turn in a hex previously owned by an enemy to capture it, unlike neutral territory where you just have to move through it. So I am going to lose the Prestige I wagered. I am going to blame it on being Quarter to Three in the morning …

Hey, at least you got the Wood of the Suicides from him. Now it’s pretty much a three-way tie for prestige income between you, me, and Moloch. Speaking of which, look out for the bruiser with the melee of 11 coming for you. I hope you lose a legion.

Also, I’m going to get in on the vendetta action against Moloch. While he’s got his hands full with you, I’m going to see if he’s at all amenable to meeting demands I make of him.


Yeah, I seem to remember getting screwed by that rule in our first game when I was hoping to cash in on our first vendetta. How does it feel?


Hmmm … umm … no. You and I have 42 Prestige each. He has 84. That gives him twice as much as each of us, or as much as the two of us, combined. You can take your pick on the wording.

I was just talking about the rate we’re earning prestige, not the totals.

I’ve actually got a fair bit of prestige outstanding from my diplomatic interactions with Balphagor and Moloch, so I’ll be pulling back into second place in just a second. Also, I didn’t just get one of my legions obliterated by the Disciples of Moloch. I’m just sayin’.


Hey, how is your Legion standing in the mountains? I thought Mountainwalk only allowed you to move THROUGH mountain terrain, not stay in it? I even think that is specifically stated in the manual. Bug? Or CHEATZORZ??

The Mountain and Swampwalk abilities seem to let you stay there. The rules say the abilities let you enter those cantons, but I didn’t see anything about not being able to stay there. So I’m going to have to assume it’s okay with Vic Davis if the Slaves of Black Tom loiter in the mountains.

Unfortunately, you can’t control mountain or swamp cantons, which is what I was hoping to do.


Okay, so it looks like we’re done for the night. We’ll continue tomorrow.

Me, Bruce, and Moloch have a +3 prestige income/turn now that Bruce took the Wood of the Suicides from Moloch. But whereas me and Bruce have 42 prestige total, Moloch has 80.

Troy’s only got a +1 prestige income, but someone – I suspect it was him – just bought the Skull of the Vile Saint from the bazaar. Once that’s installed in either a Place of Power (vulnerable to being taken!) or a ritual slot (invlunerable, but it reduces your capacity to perform rituals, which are the game’s version of spells), it’ll add a point of prestige income.

However, it’s still early in the game. I have no army whatsoever and not much land. Troy is surely saving up for something. He’s quiet. Too quiet. Bruce just lost a legion and a mess of prestige to Moloch with his failed invasion. I’m not sure what it is about Bruce and failed invasions, but I have an idea about where he gets his inspiration.