[Solium Infernum] Sin to Win

Ended 2/3/10 due to a lack of participation

[x] indicates I’ve received what I need from you to host the next turn. If you’re the only one without an x in your [ ], guess what that means, slacker!

The Archfiends of Hell

Mysterio as Mysterio (#8, Dude with Gem In Head) [host]
Bossman as Mr. Fatty (#5, Jabba the Possessed Hut) [banished to the Abyss on Turn 25 by Salacious Sergeant]
ddtibbs as Asmodedoug (#12, Shadowy Dude with Griffin) [x]
AaronSofaer as Aaronicus (#11, Blonde with Blood Wings) [ ]
jeff01 as jeff (#4, Guy In Armor) [resigned control to the AI on Turn 27]
Staff Sergeant as Salacious Sergeant (#13, Horse Head Guy) [ ]

Avatar Portraits and Names
Avatar portraits must be unique and will be assigned on a “first noted in this thread, first assigned” basis. Reference the avatar portrait via the number assigned to it in the Avatar Creator screen. List the name you’ve given to your avatar, as well.


[/B]If you have an icon preference, state it. Otherwise, one will be randomly assigned to you via the dreaded “?” icon!

Game Settings

Name: Sin to Win
Map Size: Normal
Map Type: Great Rivers
Places of Power: Uncommon
Game Length: Normal

Portrait #7 (Because he’s got a befuddled “my grand plan turned out to be just so much snail poo” look. I expect I’ll wear that same look most of the game.)

Icon: “?” Mwaa Hah Hah! Now none of the rest of you can have it!

Name: X

I will take Shax.(15) Avatar name will be TurinTuramba to keep things simple.

I take portrait #5 and my name will be Mr. Fatty.

Hey, thanks for shutting people out of the game who’d already been waiting on the list to play. Nice work, guys.


Sorry Tom. :( I’m sure the others also just brainfarted about realizing there was already a list in place that we totally overlooked.

Seems like the Entity has assigned us a name, and play may begin.

I lay claim to Picture 11, Blonde With Blood Wings. My name… shall be… Aaronicus. Cower in fear.

Asmodedoug shall be known as picture #12, shadowy dude with griffin.

Thanks, Tom, for changing the thread name.

Ok, I need the following from those listed below before I’m willing to send out invites:

Bossman as Mr. Fatty (#5, Jabba the Possessed Hut) (need email address) [ ]
AaronSofaer as … (#11, Blonde with Blood Wings) (email address received; need avatar name) [ ]
jeff01 as … (need email address, avatar name, and portrait number) [ ]
Staff Sergeant as … (email address received; need avatar name and portrait number) [ ]

I PMed you my e-mail address.

Portrait = #4 (guy in armor)
Name = jeff

Name = Salacious Sergeant (I’m starting to run out of appropriate alliterative adjectives*)
Portrait = #13 horse head guy. If you are lucky I will teach you how to cook wild mushrooms.


Check your email for your invite (.inv) file, and let me know if you didn’t receive the email.

So, ah, Mysterio. Please understand, I have nothing personal against you. You just happened to get a really silly starting position.

Maybe we can work something out!

Yeah, thanks for that demand. It’s not like I have any clue what the hell I’m doing.

You got pretty boned on starting position. Rest easy though, my public objective isn’t Wrath, so I’m not going to go straight for a Blood Feud with you! :)

And on the plus side, I only (at the moment) have one Legion! So if I want to go after a Place of Power or two, or expand my cantons, I can’t afford to dog your heels with demands.

What, me worry? Never. :-)

BTW, on the Avatar > Stats screen, how are the values listed under Power Roll Modifier used? I did a search on “Power Roll Modifier” and “Power Roll” in the manual, but nothing came up.


Looks like you’ve decided to play the roll of the bully by issuing a demand against me on turn 2 (Seriously? Turn 2? Against a player who’s playing his first SI game? Wow…) and then claiming vendetta against me on turn 4. I should have played SP before MP, but I didn’t think the Qt3 crowd would be so bloodthirsty against newbs. I’m not looking forward to hosting the remainder of this game after (likely) being knocked out within the first 5 turns.

Its actually pretty hard to knock a player out.
You could also concede to his demand, making it impossible for him to claim vendetta that way.

Also, I wonder what kind of vendetta he chose, as I cant imagine he has much room to act at turn 4…
Conquering hexes presumably, but can he even reach you in time and conquer enough?