Solo work from famous musicians. That is interesting. (heh)

I’ll start with a couple of my favorites.

I put this here because, although it was still called a Pink Floyd album, it was sans Roger Waters and contained several tunes by Gilmore from his solo work.

I could make an entire set of songs just from current and former Dream Theater members.

I won’t, but I want you all to know I could

But here’s one

The guitarist from DT, and one of the best guitarists out there. From a pure technical and variety level, I think he has the crown.

I could literally put any given song from Devin Townsend, but that feels like cheating. His solo and DTP stuff is far more popular, and better, than any of his Strapping Young Lad, and his days with Steve Vai are hardly remembered.

I’ll do this one because I love the video

Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains had some excellent solo albums

Ty Tabor of Kings X is probably the most consistent in quality side projects. Personally I like his Jelly Jam work best, but his solo album is good too

Old school Michael Romeo, from the same period as early Symphony X (their best period)

One last Dream Theater, keyboardist Jordan Rudess

He also has albums of covers of classic prof songs. Worth a listen as well.

So cool Rich. This is my favorite Plant solo track (that is interesting and with Phil Collins on Drums).

My personal favorite Fab Four gone solo songs (that are interesting):

There’s a scene near the end of the movie Vanilla Sky where Kurt Russell and Tom Cruise’s characters are chatting, and Kurt asks Tom who his favorite Beatle was, Tom thinks a moment and says, “George.” And I did a little fist pump in the theater because I mean, obviously. My favorite solo song by George is “Isn’t It a Pity.”

Paul Simon - Graceland Full Album:

Graceland is, to me, one of the greatest albums song for song


My favorite artistic work of his, in all mediums (that is interesting):

My personal favorite Paul Simon song post-S & G (that is interesting):

( Looks at the list of categories on the front page… )
It’s ok @RichVR . You do you.

@Jason_McMaster beat me to Paul Simon. My favorites are from Negotiations and Love Songs and Rhythm of the Saints, respectively

(50 Ways to Leave Your Lover)

This is a pretty huge category… I could list Leonard Cohen songs for days. Or Dylan. Or Clapton. Or James Taylor. Or Hendrix. [email protected]

@RichVR , my favorite Pink Floyd Alumni Solo Songs (that are interesting):

This One always hit home very, very personally for me:

We gain terrain
With the bravery of being out of range
We play the game
With the bravery of being out of range


Iggy ‘effin POP

Lust for Life

The Passenger

Iggy = Awesomeness

WW2 made a huge impression on Waters and Gilmour. I always loved this Pink Floyd song from The Wall the movie -

Probably not what anyone else will like, but I’ll post it anyway: I love Oasis, but Liam has made some nice stuff by himself as well. This one for example:

Wha… that’s amazing!

Parallel to Iggy during the Berlin days:

John Linnell of They Might Be Giants did a solo album called State Songs. Every song was named after a state and (except for the instrumentals) incorporated the state in a totally non sequitur manner:

I guess it’s worth mentioning John Flansburg’s solo project, too:

You are talking to the original Bowiephile (Berlin Bowie Song that is interesting):

To me “Solo work” implies the artist was in a band previously Cannedmarsupial, so Bowie is kind of…not germane. But let’s choose a song from far more appropriate member of that Berlin clique/time at Hansa studios (that is interesting):