Some Computer Help

I built a pc for my friend a couple of weeks ago and when I went home when we were done that day I thught everything was fine. But I talked to him yesterday and he’s having some problems with it. So I went over to see if I could help fix it and came up empty handed.

Everything seems to be skipping and jumping around. Movie peviews off the inernet skip, dvd’s skip, music cd’ skip, video games skip, the load-up music for XP stutters, the mouse is jumpy, everything seems to stutter and skip. I’ve done everything I could think of with no luck. Drivers are all up to date. Does anyone have any idea’s?

His system,

AMD Barton 2500
Abit NF7-S
Kingston HyperX 3500, 512Megs
GeForce FX 5600


What devices are on which interrupts?

Are you using the NForce2 audio that’s on the motherboard? I’ve heard recent rumblings of audio issues with a number of Nforce2 boards. In one case, a friend of mine finally gave up and popped in a Sound Blaster Live. Now, the Live has its own set of issues with XP, but in this case, all his sound issues went away. So it may be worth trying a PCI audio card and disabling Nforce2 audio.

The Nforce1 audio on my board had this wonderful black screen of death crash bug for a while that got fixed with newer drivers. So its not like Nvidia hasn’t had serious problems with their audio in the past.

It works great now, of course.

Just a wild guess, but you should look into your IDE channels (Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>IDE Controllers) and make sure that XP hasn’t set the drives in slow-n-choppy PIO mode. XP does this after something like six errors, and you have to remove the IDE devices in system manager and then let XP re-detect them in order to get UDMA2 back. We had a thread on this a couple of weeks ago, which helped me resolve some audio choppiness I had with a few games and during Windows loads, etc., just like you describe. I’m not sure if it could be responsible for the severity of the problems you mention, though it’s definitely something to look into.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’m gonna give some of these suggestions a try later this week, and hopefully we’ll figure it out. Otherwise…“I’ll be back!” :)