Some Good Deals

This week…

Buy 2 get 1 Free at Toys R Us on all their videogame stock.

Circuit City
Battlefield 2142 $37.99
Ghost Recon: AW for PC $9.99

Best Buy
LEGO Star Wars II PC $19.99
F.E.A.R. PC $24.99

Battlefield 2142 for $37.99 is the best other than TRU sale. It’s likely you won’t see that price again until after Christmas.

How is Toys R Us about release dates? I might get Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which comes out this week, but I haven’t shopped Toys R Us in quite a while; I don’t know what day they’d get it in.

MUA is shown in their ad this week so I’m pretty sure they’ll have it on the shelves before Saturday is over. You might not be able to get it day one, but by Friday for sure would be my educated guess.

This sale is usually great for me because I can get Christmas gifts, but with Wii coming after the sale, I might not buy anything. LEGO Star Wars II is about the only thing I really need for Christmas that’s out now.

We’ll see though… the siren song of buy 2 get 1 is usually too strong for me to resist.

The Toys R Us in my area often has games before the BestBuy does. If it’s a Tuesday ship date Toys R Us will likely have it Wednesday.

The toysrus near me sucks. I just went today and they never got any copies of god hand or contact in. All the games on my list I wanted they didn’t have. I’m going to check on the website and see if they get any in before the sale ends. If not I’m going to get them at eb.

Yeah, my Toys R Us sucked also. No Splinter Cell or Contact. I ended up buying Enchanted Arms and two copies of Saints Row. I’d like to swap one of them back for Splinter Cell when the new shipment arrives, but I read on cheapassgamer that they don’t accept returns on this deal. Does anybody know anything about it?

10 bucks for GRAW? Sweet! I’ll have to have my sister snag me one of those since I don’t have a CC near me.

I snagged Saints Row, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Tiger Woods 2007 (all for the 360) at the 2 for 1 ToysRUs sale today.

Helpful note: ask them about availability. Neither Splinter Cell or Tiger were on the floor. They had two copies of each in the back, however. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I did, they never heard of a game called God Hand or contact before. The part that is pretty sad is that their gaming section looked pretty cleaned out and emptied, yet they said the sale didn’t do that.

I had an unopened copy of Bully sitting at home just in case I was tempted to repeat their sale with PS2 games. However, it wasn’t worth it. There was no Bully or God Hand on the shelf. I can definitely back up your findings there.

Sorry about bringing the thread back, but does anyone know when toysrus is supposed to get games in? I’ve been checking the site each day, and calling them and they haven’t gotten in contact or anything else I wanted. After tomorrow I’m just going to buy what I wanted at eb.

On that note does eb have a big yearly sale like toysrus?

EB is a discount store, so they rarely have anything resembling a sale like this one. They’re marking things down every day. The only thing they’ll do is a buy 2 get 1 free on Pre-owned games. That’s pretty common after Christmas.

My Toys R Us had Marvel Ultimate Alliance in yesterday (Wednesday), but no Contact for DS (which should’ve been out last week).

Tomb Raider: Legend for the 360 has been only $20 CAD at the EB stores around here, though I’m not sure if it’s a local thing or Canada-wide. I’ve heard it’s short, but at that price I can live with it.

Good luck finding Battlefield 2142 in-store at Circuit City. I went today and they were sold out. They might get more tomorrow, but it seems like they were ill-prepared for that sale.

I ordered it from their web site instead. Free shipping and it’ll take til next week, but the same price as I’d’ve gotten in stores. I’ve got plenty to do, so I can wait.

… what? Where?

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