Some help with Macintosh monitors?

Hi, all. I could use a bit of help with a monitor issue.

I suspect the problem is something stupid and simple (me, possibly) and I just haven’t been awakened to it.

I’m in the process of setting up a little computer lab – including my late-'90s Macintosh (a 9500/132 PowerMac, just for reference), which has been sitting in storage for the last decade or so.

At the time I mothballed it, I’d just had it repaired and updated with a G4 (?) daughterboard and a 3D-accelerated video card.

(I mention this because it may be complicating things. That is, there are new jacks in the back and maybe I’m not seeing the unit the way I was used to seeing it.)

The computer starts up just fine, but I can’t get a display. I seem to recall this being an issue with Macs and non-Mac monitors in the '90s, and so wasn’t unprepared. I’ve tried a series of monitors including a couple of Sonys (including the Sony Trinitron I used to use with the system) and a standard SVGA PC monitor from the early 2000s. And I’ve tried the old “dial a monitor” gizmo (made by an outfit called Enhance) that is supposed to work with many different resolutions and display sizes. Nothing.

Any clue what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Could be a dead PRAM battery.