Some Incremental/Idle/Clicker Games (including really a lot of Incremental Epic Hero 2)

I burned out on it too and my enthusiasm for idle games went with it, which is a typical pattern. I’ll get back into them in a few months.

I read the topic title as “The Incremental threat of Idle Clickers” and was disappointed it was only a mistake.

I poked the Godsbane beta on Itch a bit. Nothing really to say. Hard to get a sense of how I was progressing. It’s in early alpha though.

I played the original Idle Pins years ago and it was way too fiddly. But who knows how it has changed since.

Increlution is interesting but in some light playing I felt it was getting repetitive. One of the things it does is that you can unlock a lot of automation in addition to how you set up character actions (you can queue up stuff), but it takes work to get to that. I will probably go back to it at some point. But there was a lot of runs ending in the same places (and eventually pushing forward), and run length wasn’t growing meaningfully.

Godsbane just went open beta. No idea if it’s more feature complete than it was when you tried it. I was able to clear the first 2 areas, and unlocked some features that look very NGU-like or WAMI-like - there’s a “soulcore” feature that looks a bit like NGU spells (increase offense/defense) where the cap on allocation is determined by the total number of enemies defeated, and there’s some bonus to how much you complete a core you get when you reset that makes it faster to fill the next time that feels like the mana refill from WAMI.

Hard to say if the game will be interesting / different unless I play it long enough to unlock more features. Sacrificing equipment to strengthen up your character seems like the new thing over NGU/WAMI so far, and there’s some silly-big skill tree that looks like PoE’s tree.

This game seems interesting so far. It’s an incremental in sort of the magic / builder style of game. It’s active (lots of decisions to make) but not clicky.

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Ooh, thanks, I’ve been looking for a good new mobile one without much success. Have been going down a Trimps hole on desktop.

I’m not sure how to break through level 160 in Trimps, so I’ve been chasing achievement and challenge bonuses and long-term daily runs for more helium. Maybe I need to iterate more quickly. I think something in that vein triggered a new automation unlock a short while ago. I might be letting runs go too long.

I tried esprossojim’s recommendation of Orb of Creation. The magic theme reminds me of bluez, and it has a wild number of connected activities. I can’t keep up with the options for production, which leaves a pleasurable tingle of untapped potential for when I hit a wall. It has an early-access Steam page now.

What helium are you on?

The stats note that I’ve earned 12M all-time. And if helium has different flavors, that’s a thing I don’t yet know.

Hmm, that seems low. I’m just now pushing 155 (very slowly) and I’m on 11m. Probably worth doing a few Crushed/Nom runs. Also people say that this is a good time to do some challenge squareds - I’m planning on giving it a shot once I clear 155.

Thanks, it’s good to have that bit of direction.

Since the Paragon Pioneers chat has been cleared out, might as well give a Trimps update. I’ve just reached the Spire for the first time, and am at about 200m Helium. It’s going a little slower than I’d like at this point, I’ve basically being doing Lead runs for the last week, which is rather repetitive. I do like how it doled out automations up to this point, so at least these runs are now pretty easy to do passively. It does seem like the next stage is just going to be a lot of waiting though.

I’ve been playing Incremental Epic Hero 2 for the last few weeks, and it’s been pretty good so far. Lots of overlapping systems, lots of prestige stuff, lots of decisions, not a lot of clicking. Typical of any incremental game, there’s things that you’ll do manually in the first hour that you’ll want automations for later. What’s I like about this game is that the automation stuff is handled by capturing monsters, which then do these tasks for you. So that resource that falls on the floor when you kill a monster? There’s a monster buddy that’ll pick it up for you once you capture it. Later on, it looks like there’s a monster tamer class that uses these pets to fight (I haven’t unlocked that yet.)

While there is a prestige currency that costs real money, you earn that currency at a reasonable rate by just playing the game. There are some quality of life unlocks here, but nothing incredibly important - the pets that automate things are more important.

It’s one of those games that you really can leave on in the background and check in on it occasionally to adjust what your heroes are doing. Do you want to farm a particular resource? Maybe you want to prestige your hero? Perhaps you’ve leveled all your heroes up enough to go on an epic raid where they fight as a party to take down a big monster for some epic loot?

I’m also looking forward to the Wizard and Minion Idle (WAMI) developer’s next game, which looks like it’ll probably be bizarre. This is coming out August 25th:

When do you get your first pet?

I think it’s very early in the tutorial.

I’ve read you can earn enough through achievements to get everything. which pleases me.

I’ve been playing it for awhile, and enjoying it. Except I accidentally did a tier 2 rebirth on my angel before I turned in the Class Master quest you get from leveling the base attack to 250. Whoops. It’s just a skill slot, but still.

In Incremental Epic Hero 2? There’s a quest that will guide you to capturing monsters. The left hand quest tab is the “tutorial quests” basically. Anyway you’ll unlock a shop where you can buy nets. Each tier of net can capture a tier of monster, e.g. regular, blue, etc. It’s a bit of a hassle, you have to right click on the monsters to capture (there’s a tamer class that unlocks later that I am hoping provides some automation; the 2nd capture monsters quest is to get 1000, yikes). The nets have a cooldown. But the first two slimes (I still haven’t unlocked the third net) will auto collect certain resources as your people clear maps which is very helpful. There’s pets to automate a ton of stuff.

I’m probably playing the game un-optimally - I only have one champion with the 250 base attack level (the angel) but I have had the 3rd net unlocked for a while and have been able to do a quest to get some access to the 4th net as well (fire) so I have captured all the red critters and unlocked their abilities.

A lot of people sound a bit perturbed about the Ascension mechanic (lots of things reset) but it sounds like it unlocks a lot of neat features (upgrading the world instead of your characters) which seems pretty neat. I guess as you progress though multiple ascensions you get to retain more and more of that meta-progress.

Yeah I saw some of that. Apparently you keep gear, and there’s a chance to do some nifty enchanting to make getting back up to speed much easier. I’ve unlocked enchanting but haven’t messed with it yet. I’ve been rotating between 3 characters, which is probably suboptimal but I’ve enjoyed it.

How easy it is to farm the necessary gear (you need to find gear with the enchants you want, take those off, find gear you want to use that’s enchanted, strip those and replace, I think) I can’t say. I accidentally nuked my entire inventory hitting the wrong key sequence (which is not something you can accidentally, do, I just got two different commands transposed in my head), and lost some nice stuff. Heh.

Yes, this is me, except 4 characters. The thief unlocks enchantment slot(s) when they level 10 master an item, which seems like it makes the item persist through ascension. So I’m playing that champ mostly to level up at least some of my gear to keep it around - though I’d bet you can refind all of the gear quickly as after all one of the ways you earn ascension points is to disassemble a shit-ton of gear. So your keyboard press just got you some portion of your ascension points!