Some Incremental/Idle/Clicker Games (including really a lot of Incremental Epic Hero 2)

Currently using clockwork gear. I’m a bit behind where you are. I’ve reached the ghost bosses, but haven’t progressed past them to get that adventure zone.

I went from the GRB stuff to the 2D and skipped over the clockwork.

Just unlocked Diggers by defeating Jake from Accounting. Needs LOTS of gold to activate.

Yeah, I’m trying to decide if it’s worth skipping a gear tier. The set completion bonus for clockwork gear seems minor, but a 5% respawn rate boost means 5% more gear drops, which could add up over time.

In the long term, Respawn Rate does more for your progression than anything else because of the ITOPOD. Respawn rate is basically a flat increase to your PP and XP gain. Early on in the game it is not incredibly important but you should save every piece of respawn gear you get, you will be wearing it all one day.

I had to fish through my memory to remember a time when not maxxing a set before moving on to the next was even a possibility. Just remember if you haven’t gotten items to level 100, you basically need to get every thing in the game that drops to level 100.

And I dunno how far along you guys are with your challenges, but some of those make a huge difference in your progression. Particularly certain tiers of Troll challenge and No Rebirth.

As far as overall progress, I’m only through Boss 97. I’ve done the Basic Challenge 3 times. Other ones I have unlocked but not tried yet are No Augs, No Equipment, Troll, No Rebirth and No TM.

I haven’t kept much from the sets but I have kept most of the accessories and things like that just in case.

I’ve definitely been maxing items as I go. The game is pretty good at teaching you to do this early on by making the set completion bonuses really attractive for early game players: loads of XP, magic power, etc. I originally skipped maxing out the boosts, but have been going back and picking those up too: the 2% bonus really stacks up (particularly when added to the PP bonuses.)

I’m kind of sad that the forest pendants stop dropping once you reach the clockwork zone. I’ve got my ascended pendant up to level 32, but challenges give me plenty of chance to keep upgrading.

I’ve also only got about 5 rebirths and all of my basic training caps will be at 1, then I can buy the insta training cap upgrade in the AP shop.

You’re gonna be harvesting forest pendants through the end of at least normal mode, so don’t worry, they’ll come back. You can update forest pendant quite a few times.

Edit: God damnit. Since I haven’t played NGU in 18 months, I figured I’d join ya’ll and start over.

Nice :)

Just beat Jake for the first time. It was a super close thing. I buffed my adventure stats using whatever I could: advanced training, blood, equipment, fruit, exp. Got my stats up to just under the recommended 15k. And when I beat him, I was down to less than 1,000 HP. It was the most excitement I’ve had from clicking my mouse since I got bored of Diablo 3. The paralyze skill was invaluable. But OMG, he won’t be a problem again now that I have his equipment in my hand.

re: NGU Idle,

So, I’ve been playing with the numbers for Augments. I’m pretty sure that if I fix the cost (because I have a certain amount of gold available), it’s always better to dump the cost into level 1 augment upgrades (Danger Scissors) until I run out of gold and then spam level 1 augments (Safety Scissors) until I get whatever total multiplier I’m looking for. This takes less time for the same cost than using any higher level augment, even up to multipliers in excess of 100 million. For instance:

Energy cap: 3 million
Energy power: 120
(Time scales directly with energy cap and power, so they don’t affect the results.)
Total multiplier: 65 million
Total cost: 100 trillion
Level 1 Augment (scissors) required levels: 669/312 for a total time of about 300 seconds
Level 2 Augment (milk) required levels: 216/84 for a total time of about 500 seconds
Level 3 Augment (cannon) required levels: 82/23 for a total time of about 1150 seconds

It’s always better to just use scissors. I suspect that at some point, the bonus powers on the higher augments (1.1 for milk, 1.2 for cannon, etc) will become significant and make those augments a better deal, but I wonder when that will be.

These are the types of things I need to think about more in order to progress. I tend to wing it.

With augments money isn’t much of an issue (tend to run a day or so between rebirths) but still I stick to the both the scissors, both the milk and usually the cheaper of the cannon.

I usually max my time machine out (somewhere around 350K energy and 300K magic), put around 80K in each of the adv training (and have the perks leveled up to 10 for all). I doubt I’m using any of this efficiently.

On a related note, how often do y’all use the ITOPOD and what do you spend your perk points on? I know I’m not doing enough here as well.

For perks, I’ve leveled up Wandoos to 25 for a total of 50%, boosts up to 12 for a total of 30%, and advanced training to 10 levels, like you. And I’ve just started throwing points into gold drops for better time machine output for the gold diggers.

Max it out? At least for me right now, the time machine is the most important thing in the game. I dump all of my energy and magic into it immediately upon rebirth, until I get it up to trillions of gold per second., which takes about an hour at this point.

How long are you going inbetween rebirths? As I’m playing, I’m starting to remember how…demanding this game is to play semi-optimally. I’ve got a little over 4 days of play, 96 rebirths so far, on about 1/2 hour intervals if I have the time.

By max out I mean that the bar on the bottom is solid and not flashing at all.

Oh shit, I’m way behind! I’ve got only 58 rebirths in 53 days.

Ah, that takes 49 levels of energy. Any levels of energy you go above that actually add another multiplier to your total. That’s how you pull down the big bucks. For instance, going from level 48 to 49 takes you from 49 bar fills per second to 50: a 2% increase in GPS. But going from level 49 to level 50 adds a multiplier of 2, which is a 100% increase in GPS. It’s most definitely worth it to keep going.

I’ve got Yggsdrasil budding, rely on Wandoos, and am trying to collect Titan gear, so I usually go at least 2 hours between rebirths, and often 8-10 hours… unless I’m doing challenges. Then it’s usually 30 minutes to an hour depending on Wandoos. I’ve played 30 days and have 109 rebirths.

Speaking of Yggsdrasil, it seems like the fruit of gold gives you a multiplier to your current gold total. Is that correct? I don’t get consistent amounts of gold when I eat it, but sometimes I get enormous amounts.

From the wiki, it’s based off your current time machine multiplier.

Ygg will definitely change your run times to be longer. I think eventually it’s something like 12-24 hour runs being the most efficient to farm up Fruit of Knowledge, which combined with YGG NGU gives you some crazy EXP.

Right, but FoK isn’t too useful until you can buy the perks that boost it and the Troll Challenge that lets you max out Ygg at level 24.

Yup, but eventually it’s crazypants, AND kinda forces you into 24h runs, which is nice, given how fast paced the game can be for an incremental otherwise.

Oh yea once you get a few fruit up to level 24 you just want to rebirth every 24 hours. There are some Quirks you can take to reduce it to 23 if you really want to min/max your progress. Fruit of Knowledge will be your main source of EXP for a long stretch of the game. Long.