Some Incremental/Idle/Clicker Games (including really a lot of Incremental Epic Hero 2)

I’ve reached an idle plateau with Synergism having unlocked the ant feature. Costs for everything scale by 10x, so even with exponentially increasing producers, it’s become a “play for 5 minutes, wait for 5 hours” kind of game, which is ok. I really like it so far. I like how stripped down it is. It reminds me of Antimatter Dimensions, but with a really compact, minimalist UI.

After several days of truly incremental progress I figured out that respecing Talismans didn’t mean what I thought it meant, and that made a really big difference really fast.

I’m just into the WOWcubes phase of Synergism. Second Ascension is taking longer than I had expected/hoped. It’s got to that irritating phase of most incremental games where you need to both idle for a longish time and be active relatively frequently.

Yeah, that’s exactly where I’m at too.

In just a couple of hours, I will have the auto challenge research for Synergism, which is the last step to full ascension automation. Sweet ascension automation. I can ascend now in about 20 seconds, but am really tired of running through all the challenges over and over.

Yeah, it’s certainly much nicer once you have that. It’s a bit of a slog doing WOWCubes until then. I have just now beat C14 and I’m expecting it to become a slog again…

Reaching the end of the cube upgrade stage at last, should be out of this section of the game by tomorrow. It’s definitely been a slog, but relatively hands off except at the start. Took me longer than it should have to discover the corruption loadouts, which help a lot.

Not seen this one here yet.

Think I’ve lost interest in Synergism (just got alpha). It’s basically doing the same few runs over and over for days on end now, and the numbers aren’t going up in interesting ways any more.

I have a bunch of incrementals on my list to take a look at eventually.

Has anyone looked at these yet?

This just went to open beta very very recently:

The Wizards and Minion Idle discord has a channel for other games that’s usually fairly active. I take a look once in a while and bookmark new games people there are talking about.

I burned out on it too and my enthusiasm for idle games went with it, which is a typical pattern. I’ll get back into them in a few months.

I read the topic title as “The Incremental threat of Idle Clickers” and was disappointed it was only a mistake.

I poked the Godsbane beta on Itch a bit. Nothing really to say. Hard to get a sense of how I was progressing. It’s in early alpha though.

I played the original Idle Pins years ago and it was way too fiddly. But who knows how it has changed since.

Increlution is interesting but in some light playing I felt it was getting repetitive. One of the things it does is that you can unlock a lot of automation in addition to how you set up character actions (you can queue up stuff), but it takes work to get to that. I will probably go back to it at some point. But there was a lot of runs ending in the same places (and eventually pushing forward), and run length wasn’t growing meaningfully.

Godsbane just went open beta. No idea if it’s more feature complete than it was when you tried it. I was able to clear the first 2 areas, and unlocked some features that look very NGU-like or WAMI-like - there’s a “soulcore” feature that looks a bit like NGU spells (increase offense/defense) where the cap on allocation is determined by the total number of enemies defeated, and there’s some bonus to how much you complete a core you get when you reset that makes it faster to fill the next time that feels like the mana refill from WAMI.

Hard to say if the game will be interesting / different unless I play it long enough to unlock more features. Sacrificing equipment to strengthen up your character seems like the new thing over NGU/WAMI so far, and there’s some silly-big skill tree that looks like PoE’s tree.

This game seems interesting so far. It’s an incremental in sort of the magic / builder style of game. It’s active (lots of decisions to make) but not clicky.

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Ooh, thanks, I’ve been looking for a good new mobile one without much success. Have been going down a Trimps hole on desktop.

I’m not sure how to break through level 160 in Trimps, so I’ve been chasing achievement and challenge bonuses and long-term daily runs for more helium. Maybe I need to iterate more quickly. I think something in that vein triggered a new automation unlock a short while ago. I might be letting runs go too long.

I tried esprossojim’s recommendation of Orb of Creation. The magic theme reminds me of bluez, and it has a wild number of connected activities. I can’t keep up with the options for production, which leaves a pleasurable tingle of untapped potential for when I hit a wall. It has an early-access Steam page now.

What helium are you on?

The stats note that I’ve earned 12M all-time. And if helium has different flavors, that’s a thing I don’t yet know.