Some Incremental/Idle/Clicker Games (including really a lot of Incremental Epic Hero 2)

My tier list would be:

  1. Training (more XP = more points)
  2. Imitating +1 (more damage, skills grow faster)
  3. Studying (more skills faster = more T2 rebirth)
  4. A little in inventory and resources, maybe water gain.

The lab is pretty important later on - you can sell pots for money and make a serious boatload of gold (millions) every day, and earn some extra nitro and the lab upgrade points. I could see purifying being my #4, but I didn’t realize that until I’d already spent a bunch of points on other crap.

Ouch these Ascension requirements look ugly.

Don’t think you’re intended to rush into it. And there is prep you can do that will really help.

I got thief unlocked around the time @espressojim was posting his tier list for guild upgrades. Simply an amazing class; he’s got a great movement attack ability that’s useful in the global slot and anything eq he levels to 10 gets an enchantment slot. When you world ascend, you lose all gear except enchanted gear or gear with slots. So you use him to decide what gear you want to carry along, in effect. He’s not the top recommended “hurry to get back to where you were” class but he would work in that capacity.

Also, getting the auto-rebirth stuff unlocked and set up is really useful. The guild xp feally does flow in and you can build up some great xp gain bonuses on characters. I stopped to farm some town upgrade mats but I’m going to start doing it again soon.

I read a guide that recommended unlocking Red Slime as a “nice to have” for the first ascension. But that is a ton of work (you need a Rank 3 trapper building, which also means a Rank 3 Statue of Heroes). So I’m not sure if I am going to shoot for that or not. Probably not. I only need one more thing to qualify for first world ascension but definitely not ready yet.

I have ascended (a few days ago) with 10 points, and I’m a good portion of the way “back” to where my characters and town were (but of course with all these new bonuses.) Keeping a lot of things unlocked (like the resource upgrades you can buy without unlocking, character titles, the buildings in the town, the research in the town, the potion points, the potion materials, etc) gives you a tremendous boost. You even keep the item boosts you get for getting an item to level 10. And yeah, your thief can level up a few good items that you can take with you to stomp the game when you get back in - the easiest thing you can do is get your first Rebirth done in 3 hours.

There’s a bunch of neat stuff you can do after you ascend. Highly recommend point(s) in area booster, it makes a huge difference and impacts some of the new features.

Edit: One last tip I only realized recently - if you want to level an item faster, put multiple copies on the same hero - the time to level will be show as the same number, but it’ll tick down 1 second per item so it’ll go faster. I wish I’d done that with duplicates of uniques I had before I ascended so the thief could do his work, but no matter what that goes really slow - rares take a LONG time to level.

Btw, the capture fairy quest line gets you fire nets. It’s only 20, but that’s enough.

That was extremely useful information. Haven’t turned on red slime yet, but where is the auto dissemble eq screen?

Never mind I found it (lol).

This is pretty cool. I’ve got my auto catch spider running with my auto refill equipment. Good times.

Aargh, so close to completing Magicslime dungeon 3. Got to 98 before running out of time (with a +30 sec chest).

Is there a simple explanation somewhere of what exactly does and does not apply when gear/skills are equipped vs not equipped and/or particular characters are passive?

As I understand it, passive bonuses on skills apply to the current active hero even when the skill is not equipped (except where specified), and I think that for (equipped) gear “global” means it will apply to all heroes, but other than that I’m a bit lost. Do mastery bonuses apply only to the relevant hero? Does unequipped gear do anything? What about passive heroes, does all their stuff still apply?

Not an adequate one, IMO.

The actual help says that the passive that unlocks at level 10 benefits “All heroes that wear that item, gain the passive as well”.

So, for something like “bonus to class skills”, yes I think if you equip one of those classes skills in the global slot (cross class), you benefit. I assume this means that stuff like bonuses to resource drops just applies to the active character, or at least only applies once. Maybe it also applies to the passively working characters, on their end. But you’re only getting 20% (post Rebirth1, and 40%, rebirth 2) of whatever they’re doing. And as for Global. . shrug. I assume it applies to everyone (and that passive characters with the gear equipped would apply it to the active, modifier factored in presumably).

I wish there was a place that broke down gains in such a way that you could see this stuff, but I know of none.

IEH2onemonth is a bonus code that grants some scrolls if you are not into reading patch notes.

For the Angel what is its key stat to be levelling up?

Just depends on how you want to build her. I found that early on, just playing her like the fighter worked fine. Once you can get enough bonus points that you can start pushing int, you can build her as a mage (wing shot and wing storm). I don’t think hybrid makes sense, but then I’m hardly the game expert.

Thank you good sir or madam

@peacedog Archers are cool. Tons of pew pew at range.

I am three guild levels away from the unlock. After a few more chores (need to unlock a thief skill slot, and maybe do some more expeditions; also I was pushing to unlock the thief milestone mastery slot on bat swords even though they won’t be useful immediately after WA; I have a pile of longswords ready for that) , I’ve got to decide if I want to push for a tier 3 rebirth before I world ascend.

I will probably get Archer before the WA regardless, though. I read some discussion suggesting they were super strong.

Archer unlocked. I am maybe going to collect some more resources for town building levleing before WA. Got warrior to 3rd rebirth. Goodness just two levels in the eq proficiency multiplier skill found there is a massive difference maker. Going to want to get the thief that sometime after WA I’m sure.

Any idea how cloud saves work for Incremental Epic Hero 2? I save on my Deck but when I load from my desktop there’s nothing there, or so it seems. Do the cloud saves not use Steam, at least for the Steam version? Anyone have any luck cloud saving between devices?

No, unfortunately. Help text makes it seem like it’s a normal steam cloud save. That said, this is still EA. Maybe it’s not working correctly. I’ve been getting periodic crashes since the update.

I see you asked about it on the Steam Forums. I’m just going with broken/not fully implemented yet.