Some information is worth risking everything for

For example: the Season Two premiere of Burn Notice was last night, and it was jawsome.

No one freakin’ reminded me! I forgot! I have failed!

Yeah, I was going to make this thread yesterday, but I was on a work trip and didn’t get back until exactly 9:59, so… sorry.

But hey, it’s USA, so it’ll probably be rebroadcast six or seven times before next week’s episode.

Did… did you just make a “Street Sharks” reference?

The sexual tension between me and Gabrielle Anwar really needs to lighten up. I mean, seriously, I know she wants me, she knows I want her…


That was indeed very awesome. Bodes well for the season.

Although I still wish his Mom and maybe his brother were killed so he wouldn’t have to put up with her bullshit.