Some kid broke car window today

I’m gonna guess it’s a kid. There were two blows struck. One dead center of rear window, one in the corner. They didn’t smash the lights or any other window. He/She was nice enough to close the driveway gate on their way out.

Thinking of putting a couple of cameras as deterrent. Maybe some cheap wifi stuff. They don’t even need to be connected HEHE.


Automated turrets.

Get a garage? Seriously, it’s the only way to be sure.

Also, I’ve always wanted outside cameras, with night vision! Then I could catch those damn kids playing on my lawn too.

Personally I want a compound that has dudes with submachine guns patrolling the grounds. But I think I’ve watched Scarface and the like a bit too often.

Have you tried Craigslist?

Sometimes even that won’t stop them

Serious answer, get a bright, motion-sensing light. We had another thread about this sort of thing…
[URL=“My house was broken into this morning - Everything else - Quarter To Three Forums”]
Here we go.

I have a bright, motion-sensing light :( He actually broke it today sometime between 9:00 and 4 PM while i was at work.

I suppose I could clean the garage and use it to you know, store the car. But where will i put all these computer parts hmmm

Obviously not bright enough if it doesn’t work during the day.

Automated turret to protect the motion-sensing light.

  • Alan

I’d suggest a For Your Eyes Only security system for your car. A kid might break the window, but it’ll only happen once.


This is better and built by a reliable electronics giant not some DIY nuts:

Wait. What? This guy is repeatedly targeting you? Why? Have you done something to piss off some kid? Do you know who it is? I thought this was a random thing, but now you have a bigger issue.

Ahem… besides nuking the site from orbit.

His neighbor is jpinard. The guy set his frogs on fire.

If it’s a recurring problem I’d say hire a private detective to sneak around and find out who keeps breaking your stuff before he moves on to breaking into your house or something, but common sense tells me that PI’s probably charge up the ass. You’d probably be better off leaving your car at a friend’s house, taking the day off from work, and trying to find out yourself.

Also, I think you can get wireless motion-sensing alarms for not too much money.

Or, get the Auto-Turrets.

Teach that sonofabitch not to mess.

Seconded. With a pod of heat-seaking rockets in case they find cover.

Or, bring in mobile Armor? Yes. Give them what-for!