Some neat pay-what-you-want-forCharity online training offers from Udemy/Stacksocial:

Learn Design

(link has referral credit for me - this is link without referral link

Learn to Code

(link has referral credit for me - this is link without referral link

At time of posting, first bundle cost $15 on average and second one $9.

Considering I’m between contracts and wanted to retrain myself mainly on HTML 5 and responsive web design, that’s a superb deal. Thanks for the heads up.


So, what’s this content actually like? Has anyone been through any of it?

Reason I ask is that when a course boasts 234 lectures and 41 hours of content, the math says each lecture is ~10 minutes long, at which point I wonder at what sort of depth they really go into or what use they are, particularly when each probably has an intro and outro eating up time. Most of the courses seem of similar make up - 11 lectures and 1.5 hours content, 77 lectures and 8 hours, etc, etc. The Photoshop one is 167 lectures and 13 hours of content - ~5 minute lectures?! Seriously? I can consume 5 minute PS tutorials on youtube until the cows come home, is that all these are? Do they provide ancillary content and material as well?

I’m tempted, it seems like a great deal, but I’d love to know if anyone has had experience with these courses.