Some nice new PS3 shots

Apologies for (a) the link to GAF and (b) if this is old news, but I thought these pics were worth looking at.

Shows the PS3 in what appears to be its most recent form. Available in black, white and (default?) silver. Personally I think the case design is about ten times as pleasing as that of the X360.

I’m really happy to see the bluetooth and HDMI logos there. Question: how will the PS3 be using bluetooth? Wireless controllers and headsets seem fairly obvious, but what else could it be applied to?

Does the Wi-Fi logo suggest that wireless networking will be built in, and we won’t have to buy a $100 adapter as with the X360?

Frankly I’m amazed that, after all the hype about X360 and hi-def, Microsoft didn’t include an HDMI port. Sony pwns on them this one too, it would appear.

It looks cool on its side, but the flat view kind of looks like a giant alarm clock.

Am I seeing 3 ethernet ports on the back? What on earth do you need 3 ethernet ports for? Maybe this is a dev kit?

No. Devkits and debug stations that are the same size as the consumer hardware don’t come out until after the retail launch date.

As to why there are three network ports on the back, one would guess that Sony has big things planned in regards to networking.

I thought it was able to share a wireless signal (with wires, like it can get on your wireless, and act as a hub for wired devices)

Anyways, i’m way more interested in it than 360 just because they will allow KB/mouse fps controls. ut2007 looks nice on it (though I hate UT games due to the art ‘style’), new psm has some dev kit shots.

I hear that it carries moonbeams home in a jar

It might be just me, but it looks oddly bulky from those pics…sorta like a sleek looking VCR.

Is that a slot feed I see? Hello trouble!

2 HDMI outputs plus 3 ethernet ports. The design team must have just said “FUCK IT, PUT AS MUCH ON THERE AS YOU CAN. ADD A PENCIL SHARPENER.”


It seems to harken back to the designs for the TurboDuo and second generation SegaCD. When stood on its side, it seems like it was meant to be recognized as the king of the hill, as opposed to the Xbox360, which I could easily see using the same unassuming ad campaign as the Dodge Neon when it launched.

It is like a proud middle finger extended towards other console makers. I want to marry it and have its babies. I will go with the brushed stainless steel model, and plate it with gold, Sergio. Gold.

of course you do.

I think the 3 ethernet ports were there to make the PS3 a router, but I remember reading that they cut that due to cost.

Not sure why you need 2 HDMI outputs - dual screen gaming? Who has 2 HDTVs next to each other?

Bluetooth is going to be for the controllers, and I would assume we’ll get a keyboard/mouse setup for MMOs. Headset, too, I suppose.

Honestly, I think all those logos are a bluff, or just good intentions, and we’ll see some features cut before the console hits the shelf. It doesn’t need both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for example. And they are definitely passing up a revenue opportunity by bundling Wi-Fi when they could sell an adaptor seperately. One of the HDMI ports is gonna go, IMHO.

With all the stuff on that box, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $499 or $599 price tag, unless Sony is willing to lose a ton of money on the hardware.

And that controller is horrible. Horrible!

Those are the same sample boxes they’ve been trotting around for awhile, it looks like.

I’m guessing the final unit will have more ventilation than that. Or it’s going to be CRAZY loud with fan noise (hope not!).

Have you actually held it? It looks weird as hell, but some photoshopped pics with hand outlines on an overlay make it look like it could work.

Sony does expect people to use 2 HDTVs.

I think that the Bluetooth is just for controllers. Didn’t they set the max number of wireless players to the bizarre 7 because Bluetooth couldn’t handle anymore? I don’t think there is an option for wired controllers.

If you look at the front of the unit you will see four USB wired controller ports.

I see four USB slots, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to make USB wired controllers. The PS3 actually has 6 USB ports. I don’t think Sony detailed how they’re being used.

Also, to answer your question in the first post, it does seem like Wifi is released.

Slicker case design than the 360, certainly. The white one is particularly nice. The 360 controller is still about 100 times better than the fucking Batarang, though. When is Sony going to wake up and dump that thing?

Design-wise, though, the Revolution looks better than either of them.

Yeah I also remember reading that they dropped the extra ethernet ports due to cost.

The PS3 can act as a hub, that’s why you see those ethernet ports. It was never meant to be a router.