Some rarities for you guys

This thread should also be titled “Please don’t kill my bandwidth.”

I share a lot of musical taste with a lot of folks here and, coincidentally, I also don’t. For those of you who I share tastes with, I hope you enjoy what I’m about to post here.

I’m a collector of rarities and bootlegs, and the recent “Album of the year” thread in which Cheap Trick and Steve Albini are mentioned in the same sentence made me realize I should post some of these here so, here goes. The first three which I have made available on my website. If you are a hardcore, die-hard rarities collector you might have heard some of these but I guarantee this will probably be the first and last time any of you will ever see these on the internet.

In 2002 Cheap Trick went into the studio to re-record ‘In Color’ with Steve. The results have never officially been released but a certain employee who shall remain nameless copied the master onto a cassette tape and released it onto the internet. Here is the result. I personally find this to be the best Cheap Trick album ever “released” and among my favorite albums of all time. It rocks on so many levels that I can’t even think of a good Earthquake or tsunami joke.

In 1997 the Toadies went into the studio to record their sophomore album. The label said, “This is slightly too psychedelic, re-record it. GO!” The results? You tell me. (complete with some b-sides and rarities)

In '86 Pussy Galore made a cassette-only release of their cover of the Stones Exile on Main St. It is very noisy, but badass. Won’t you agree?

I hope all of you enjoy these. Please don’t kill my bandwidth (as in, don’t stream them, please download them once, if you feel so kind post a mirror, whatever! :) ). And also, before anyone gets in an uproar, this doesn’t count as file-sharing, as none of these were ever sold.



Thanks, MetK. The Cheap Trick thing is awesome and I am glad I finally got to hear PG’s version of Exile, even if it does ultimately suck. You don’t have The 'mats “Shit Hits The Fans” do ya?

Nice. The Trick especially is going down well.

The Toadies were a band an old co-worker of mine was way into; I’m gonna get him a copy of this stat. First listen, sounds great.

Hido, I think I know a source for the 'Mats, but I’m not sure. I’ve always heard the sound just sucks on that, though.

I think I might have a copy of that Mats cassette but I’m not sure. If not I’m sure my dad does; that is, unless triggercut can grab a copy instead.

To be honest the sound quality is horrible and the band is drunk but I’ll fully admit it is a hell of a fun show to listen to. Their drunken covers and the alcohol-fueled butchery of their own songs overcomes any downfalls the recording actually has. It’s kind of like listening to a 70s version Stones show where everyone is too fucked to do their job right. Great fun but not something you’ll listen to every day.

And that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a Replacements fan.

Also, glad you guys are diggin’ the material. Prolly make this a monthly thing. :)

Wow, thanks Met_K. In Color is one of my all-times.

Downloaded the Cheap Trick tracks and they’re all brilliant. No need to buy another album this week i guess. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Just got a chance to look at your post - I take it you edited the links out? Where can I grab a copy.