Some Skaven I finished during the Stream Tonight


Here are some Skaven I finished while watching tonight’s stream.


They look great! Particularly like the second one.


Dang. Very frickin’ cool, man.


That is awesome.


That seems like an understatement to me. Totallly in awe, here.


Sweet, they look mint!


Those are outstanding. Professionally done, even.


Those look great A&A!


Those are amazing. Great work, man!


I summon @merryprankster to this thread.


I will never have the ability or patience to do minis properly. I respect people who make the effort, though. And these are really terrific.


Wow, those look terrific!


This is the best thing to come out of one of my streams. :)

Those do look great! Furthermore, they make me want to boot up a Skaven campaign in Total Warwarhammer II. I get to play an army of those little guys? Sweet!



Wow! So much love! I just logged on to find all this! I really appreciate it. I have storage boxes full of painted minis. Maybe I should start posting more!


Definitely! Although not so many I get pulled back into ‘the hobby’.


Very nice, @axisandallies. If you have more keep em coming!


Here are some pics of some other minis I’ve worked on recently. The wood spirits are “Sylvaneth”. I put them on here, as I was doing a study on how to paint wood. And, then, there’s the Nurgle Lord of Plagues. The pics are closer up, so you may see some brush strokes where you couldn’t on the Skaven. Note, that most of the time, you’re playing 2-3 feet above the game table, and the models are painted like “Stage Makeup”. Highlights are pronounced so you can see them from far away. I concede these are not as good as my Skaven, but I like them none the less.


I was thinking, if you all are interested, I might start streaming my own painting and archive on youtube. Anyone have interest i. that? Or should I just shut up and sit down?


Oh! Those are nice. And timely in my case as I am going to dip my toe back into GW tabletop property for the first time in more than a decade with Shadespire. As such this AoS stuff looks awesome. And since a warband is 3 to 7 models in Shadespire, I might…might, even paint some.


Dang I wish I could paint. Those look so cool. If you do Youtube just put markers at important points so people without much time or impatience can skip to highlights.